“It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society” (J Krishnamurti)
“A people who lose their vision, perish” (Proverbs)

  • Our ancestors lived in peace for over 2 million years
  • But when we became self-aware, we began giving away our peace, passion, and purpose
  • Today millions of humans globally are powerless, angry, and frustrated
  • But we must stop putting band aids on symptoms and fix the problem at its root
  • Root cause: We are living in collision with our natural human design
  • We MUST return to peace
  • You give us enough info to contact you (no cost or obligation)
  • We reply and begin a dialogue by asking “What would a global grassroots vision have to include to be life-changing FOR YOU?!”
  • As thousands reply, we begin publishing The Vision
  • The Vision is so appealing that millions globally are strongly attracted and join
  • Finally, you have a voice! – communities communicate globally for support and safety
  • People, in their communities everywhere, return to living in harmony with their natural design
  • Governments and corporations return to SERVING US, their citizens and customers
  • Corruption, manipulation and violence rapidly disappear