THE ENVIRONMENT: Protecting Earth and life on it

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THE ENVIRONMENT:  Protecting Earth and life on it

All living things have a purpose – a niche.  If the niche disappears, so does the species.  Dinosaurs are but one example.

Life on Earth is an amazing balance.  Every living thing gives and takes.  Every living thing has a purpose, although we may not understand what that purpose is.  The rest of Creation (planets, stars, galaxies, universes) are also in amazing balance.  When ANY part of Creation gets out-of-balance, Mother Nature steps in to correct the imbalance (as She is currently doing with humans under our very noses).

The purpose of humans is two-fold:

  1. To nurture and protect Earth and life on it
  2. To take life, in its best aspect, to the planets and stars

How do we know this?  Simple.  Just observe humans, to discover that humans uniquely have the ability to protect Earth.  Of all the plants and animals, humans have the minds to be protectors, but we also have the heart for it.  Many of us revere Mother Earth and the rest of life on Earth and don’t feel comfortable exploiting it, profiting from its destruction, killing any/all plants and animals that are even remotely in our way.

The late physicist Stephen Hawking suggested that we need to step up the colonizing of Mars because our days on Earth are numbered.  Is that the best we can do?  Over-populate and destroy Earth, Mother Earth, Earth which gave us life in the first place.  Then move on and destroy Mars and whatever planet or moon we move to next?

We humans have as much right to be here as any other life form.  But do we have the right to destroy other life in the process?  When our “rights” require the murder and destruction of other life, maybe we have exceeded our “rights.”

We co-existed with the rest of life on Earth for 3 million years.  As recently as 17,000 years ago, there were several different species of humans co-habiting the planet:  the Denisovans, Cro-Magnons, Neanderthals, and (a late entry), us Homo Sapiens Sapiens.

What if we chose to live WITH Earth and the rest of life on it, instead of the killing and destroying that is currently going on?  What if we decided to live in peace instead of the way we are living presently – nations against nations, factions against factions, even family member against family member?

You say “We can’t change what is.”  Why can’t you.  There are 7 + billion people on Earth.  From a human standpoint it is OUR world, not the world of a few hundred leaders or CEOs.  WE CAN HAVE ANYTHING WE WANT, DESIRE.  But we have to make our needs/requests/demands known.

What if there WAS a way?  Would you be open to that, even excited and passionate?  If there was an organization that offered that, would you join?  Well – good news – there IS!

The organization A Return to Peace, LLC and its non-profit affiliate,, exist to turn humanity toward peace.  Peace can be a vague concept, but AR2P gives specific easy-to-follow steps which will take us from here to there.

If you are done with the status-quo (business as usual), and want to hitch your wagon to a “better way,” then JOIN US.  You’ll be glad you did.

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