World peace

Is World Peace possible?  Of course it is.  Anything is possible if we want it enough.

But why aren’t we living in peace now.  After all, we are the “intelligent” species, supposedly at the top of the food chain.  So why are we hating, killing, destroying?

The reason is that modern humans are not living in peace, not living in harmony with our natural human design.  We are living in bondage, like caged animals, but with the one thing that is worse – our bondage is self-imposed.  And one thing about caged animals – they are usually frustrated, frequently unpredictable, and often dangerous.

Humans are a social animal that live in groups.  We lived in those groups, in peace, for 3 million years (Lucy, Australopithecus, skeletal remains dated to 2.3 million years ago).  We began to lose our peace when we became self-aware, a relatively recent occurrence.  We have given our power and passion (and hard-earned money) over to governments, politicians and leaders, who are using it to feed their own ego and advance their own power and careers.  We’ve given our money and power away – we have to TAKE IT BACK.

Healthy humans have the need to live FOR something.  Our ancestors lived FOR community.  Community was our source of stability, security, power.  In my book Change or Perish:  We MUST Return to Peace I explain that all of humanity can return to living in peace if two things happen:

  1. We (as a species) unite; and
  2. We have a critical mass of followers

I go on to explain that, to unite, we must have something to unite around – a common Vision, blueprint, plan, or purpose, something higher than ourselves.  Community provides that common purpose.  Huge, oppressive governments leave us separated, alone, purposeless.

Yes, one sad unintended consequence of governments is that they draw people away from their connection to community.  Why work and sacrifice locally when some politician is promising the moon?  Amazingly, when we find out that these promises are nothing more than hot air, we continue “hoping,” and even continually re-elect these hot-air producers.  Why do we do that?  Because it’s all we have – we haven’t known the better way – until now!

Governments promise to keep us safe, often spending $$ billions on huge military forces … in the name of safety.  Nuclear weapons, AK-47s, fighter jets, agent orange and other chemical weapons … in the name of safety.  WAKE UP.  Governments are not keeping us safe.  They are actively promoting and encouraging division, prejudice, separation, war.

Peter Block in his book The Abundant Community mentions a study which showed that the greatest source of safety for humans is NOT governments or militaries or even police.  It is the support of a strong community.


And finally, we can only achieve peace globally.  If peace is good for you and me, then EVERY human must have the opportunity to live in peace.  We don’t get to achieve peace on the backs of others – that’s not peace.  That doesn’t mean that we force our brand of peace on others.  Just that every human soul have the opportunity to live in peace – peace as they define it.  Remember … “Live and let live.”

It is time to take our passion and purpose back.  Join us.

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