• Live The Golden Rule
  • Set a standard of opportunity and inclusion for all
  • Thrive based on our hard work, keeping most of what we earn
  • Normalize human over-population – avoid extinction of species after species
  • Protect and nurture Earth and the rest of life on it
  • Require governments to return to their proper role (as Public Servants)



The most important member of our team is YOU. Together, we can restore peace. When is the last time you felt listened to? The last time you were asked what your wishes and concerns are? The last time you felt that someone had your back, wanted to make things better for you, for people globally, for Earth and the rest of life on it? We are just like you … concerned citizens who are not happy with the current state of the world. We are passionate in our belief that there is a BETTER WAY. It is our hope that by increasing awareness of global issues, we can unite passionate people and open up communications that will lead to solutions. We WILL Return to Peace.”

About Us

We nourish and celebrate the global spirit that unites us all.


Tony Horn is an educator and author with degrees in Education and Psychology. He has taught both junior high and college students, and has many years of corporate experience as an Instructional Designer. His books include An End to Terrorism: Vision for a Sustainable World and The Three R’s: Government for the Way People Live.

He’s the founder and director of Community Groove, Inc., a non-profit company dedicated to rebuilding strong communities globally. He’s a parent of four great kids, all with families of their own. He lives in Sun Lakes, AZ where he writes and enjoys playing tennis.


Cindy received her BS in Microbiology from Texas Tech University. Her areas of interest include disease, germ warfare, and outbreaks, and she follows these topics closely (including the unfolding of the COVID-19 pandemic). Cindy worked with hospice for many years, which has inspired her to live each day to the fullest. Like Tony, she is a baby boomer who is extremely interested in doing her part to remedy the impact of humans on our beautiful planet Earth.

Sara Nomi, Social Media Manager

Sara received her AA in Design Technology at American River College. Although she works in a straightforward environment, she has a creative mind and enjoys gardening and playing piano in her free time. Her tech-driven career has influenced her belief that advancements in technology will help humans with many of their environmental issues. Sara is a millennial who enjoys keeping up on the latest trends, specifically upcoming animal-friendly and eco-friendly practices.

“It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society” (J Krishnamurti)
“A people who lose their vision, perish” (Proverbs)

  • Our ancestors lived in peace for over 2 million years
  • But when we became self-aware, we began giving away our peace, passion, and purpose
  • Today millions of humans globally are powerless, angry, and frustrated
  • But we must stop putting band aids on symptoms and fix the problem at its root
  • Root cause: We are living in collision with our natural human design
  • We MUST return to peace
  • You give us enough info to contact you (no cost or obligation)
  • We reply and begin a dialogue by asking “What would a global grassroots vision have to include to be life-changing FOR YOU?!”
  • As thousands reply, we begin publishing The Vision
  • The Vision is so appealing that millions globally are strongly attracted and join
  • Finally, you have a voice! – communities communicate globally for support and safety
  • People, in their communities everywhere, return to living in harmony with their natural design
  • Governments and corporations return to SERVING US, their citizens and customers
  • Corruption, manipulation and violence rapidly disappear