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Certainly we want peace, but what are the steps which will turn our direction from current society to living in peace?

This is a very good question, one that many people have.

We must start with the purpose or premise of A Return to Peace, which is that we must … return to peace!  It defines peace (for any and all living species) as … ‘living in harmony with your human design.’  It then goes on to say that, for humans globally to return to living in peace, in peace with each other, in peace with Earth and the rest of life on it, only 2 things are required:

  1. Unity; and
  2. Numbers

It explains that ‘unity’ requires that we have some higher Vision or purpose to unite around.  ‘Higher’ means a purpose greater than your and my individual needs.  Certainly we all have our individual needs for survival and success; we need to pay our bills, have a place to live; provide food for ourselves and our families.  But when it comes to uniting as a people or species, we must reach for a common, higher goal.

So let’s pretend that you and I and 998 other new members HAVE joined, and now have a critical mass of 1000 members.  Now what?

Step 1 is to welcome each and every new member, and to let them know that we WANT to hear from them.  We want their input to our Global Grassroots Vision, because by them giving input, it becomes THEIR VISION, and they become passionate about wanting to work toward a world that lives in concert with this higher Vision.

Step 2 is for our organization to produce and publish to our website, a video or short documentary describing our Vision.  As we grow in numbers and more viewers join and give input, our Vision will take on more depth and weight.  Therefore, new versions of the Vision will appear on our website at intervals.  So this Vision is not something that is done once, but is instead a living document, never complete, constantly changing, deepening, growing.

Step 3 – As our membership grows we begin to have a voice, a presence.  We have begun to have the power of numbers; we are united around a common purpose or Vision (as opposed to the rest of humanity, which lacks any higher purpose); and governments, corporations, and humanity at large, begin to listen to us, to take us seriously.  WE HAVE A VOICE.

Step 4 – An awareness surfaces that this Movement is redirecting humanity toward peace and away from the complex, materialistic, dysfunctional global society we have today.

Step 5 –  Having a Voice we can weigh in on current social issues, knowing that we are NOT experts in environmental or political or population-growth issues.  The expertise we DO have is our theory that these issues are NOT problems, but are instead SYMPTOMS, symptoms of a root cause.  The root cause is that, when humans because self-aware, they began to favor self over community.  This led to us living at odds with (in collision with) our natural human design.  This is the source or root cause of all our modern human troubles.  The remedy is obvious:  return to living as we were designed.

It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”  J Krishnamurti

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