We can achieve world peace if:

  • People globally unite around a higher Vision; and
  • We reach a critical mass of membership

With these 2 items achieved, a Global Grassroots Movement will have begun and we will have acquired a voice.  In essence, from a human standpoint it is our world, not the world of a handful of ‘rulers.’  We , you and I and people everywhere, get to decide what kind of a world WE want.

This organization defines “peace” (for any living species) as “Living in harmony with its/our design.”

It also states that, for humans everywhere to unite, we must have something to unite around (a Vision, purpose, plan, blueprint, Mission, set of goals).  And it makes the assertion that the only Vision that people globally will unite around is one that WE create.  So, when people join this organization (no cost to join) the first thing we do in response is to encourage the new member to give us input to this Vision.

Skeptics will say “People from different cultures will never agree.”  Not true.  History has provided MANY examples of peoples coming together in solidarity and agreement, in large numbers, when they are sufficiently dissatisfied with the status quo.  Some examples  are:

  • Apartheid
  • Passive Resistance (M Ghandi in India)
  • Christianity (ancient Rome worshipped pagan gods, but just a few generations after Jesus was crucified, the reigning Roman emperor converted to Christianity)
  • The U.S Declaration of Independence from England
  • And the brave actions of the peoples of many other countries and cultures when faced with oppression

The main motivator for change, for opening the door to other/different/better alternative possibilities, is … desperation!  We’ve reached the point of knowing that humanity can’t keep ‘doing what it is doing.’  But that’s not enough.  What we DON’T know is:  “What is the better way?”  A Return to Peace describes that ‘better way.’

Still, it is hard to visualize a Vision that people all over could accept and agree on, so let me propose what such a Vision might look like at a high level:

  • Human beings decide to co-exist with Earth and the rest of life on it, and with each other
  • We pledge to honor the Golden Rule (a universal human creed which already appears in some form in virtually ALL countries, cultures and religions)
  • We approach conflict not with ego and division, but by asking “How can we find a common solution which, while not perfect, gives each side some of what they want and allows both sides to continue living in peace?” Neither side may be 100% satisfied; living in peace may simply mean leaving the other side alone (live and let live); though we don’t necessarily agree with their actions, behaviors and methods, we have chosen peace over war (and likely saved millions of human lives).
  • Even in conflict, we keep the lines of communication open and retain the willingness to compromise, so that differences are aired and don’t escalate to wars.
  • Humans globally insist that governments serve in their intended role as PUBLIC SERVANTS. When governments go beyond this role (amassing wealth and power, oppressing their own citizens, creating hate, division and war), they have the unintended consequence of weakening and destroying our natural communities, so they must be stopped.
  • Collusion between governments and for-profit corporations (lobby, donations and bribes, back-room deals, massive government waste and fraud, payoffs to politicians and bureaucrats, etc.) must be stopped. Governments function ONLY as public servants.  Corporations function ONLY as providers of goods and services, and as employers in the business of providing these goods and services.

The above is purposely at a high level, because each nation and culture gets to choose the details of their lives.  Even so, the above items may lead to contention, and that is why it is imperative that many humans from many different countries and cultures, join and give input to this Global Grassroots Vision.  That way it is YOUR Vision, not one that we proposed.  Because you joined and gave input to it, you have the pride and passion of ownership.  This Vision is one that you can put your heart and soul into.  So … take a step toward Global unity.  Join!

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