global peace foundation
  • Is the Earth getting hotter?  Or colder?
  • Are humans affecting the climate, altering temperatures by even a degree or 2?
  • Do we have the right?  Does our birthright give us license to alter and destroy?
  • Are we living in conflict with each other, with Earth, and the rest of life on it?

If you are waiting for some enlightened politician or political party or government or United Nations or any other so-called global peace foundation to “fix” the raping of our natural resources, you are going to have a long wait.

You and I are stewards – stewards of this paradise that is Earth and all the rest of life on it.  Life on Earth is beautiful, unbelievable, magical.  To alter, tweak, destroy, clone, modify is … unthinkable, the kind of thing you see in a horror movie.

Humans, alone of all species, have as their purpose the protection and nurturing of Earth and life on it.  It is only with a true vision for peace that we can save mother Earth. We are the only species that has the knowledge, ability, and compassion for this task.  Our human purpose is two-fold:

  • Protect and nurture Earth and life on it
  • Take life in its best aspect out to the planets and stars

So that is our purpose.  But are we fulfilling our purpose?  Sadly, no.  We’ve been allowed to step out of the food chain, and rather than see that as a challenge and opportunity, we’ve gone hog-wild, addicted to satisfying our global human addiction – self!  Kinda like handing a 13-year-old a bottle of Jack Daniels and some car keys.

Sex and procreation are primary motivations for all of life, right up there with the need for air, water and food.  For the male Black Widow, sex is an even more primary challenge, as during mating the larger female will usually sting and kill the smaller mating male.  Hopefully he dies happy.  But we humans are like the Black Widow – we are killing and destroying Earth, Mother Earth, the planet that gave us life in the first place.  And we are burning, destroying, modifying, cloning the rest of life on Earth. Our efforts are restricted to forming a global foundation for peace that does all but work for peace. This life was here before us.  In the case of plants, they not only preceded us, but they convert our exhaled carbon dioxide into oxygen which we need to breathe.  Take away the plants – humans and all other animals would immediately cease to exist.  Yet we just can’t mow down, cut, destroy these plants fast enough, I guess because they are “in our way.”

Conversely, take away humans, and the world, Earth and the rest of life on it, would get along fine, actually better without human destruction and meddling.  We don’t make or do anything that Earth and/or the rest of life needs.

The late physicist Stephen Hawking said that we need to expedite the colonization of Mars because our days on Earth are numbered.  We currently use up all the resources that Earth can provide in roughly 6 months.  For the next 6 months, we are consuming resources that the Earth cannot replenish – we are literally destroying Earth.  Obviously, we cannot continue doing that.  But how to stop?

If you share these concerns, you CAN make a difference.  Join our Global Grassroots Movement by clicking the Join button. Let’s build a world peace foundation that actually works.

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