DIVERSITY: The Golden Rule

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Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  If we lived that way, the world would be a FAR different place.

The Golden Rule is a universal creed, a statement of purpose.  It paints a picture of humans living at their best. It is an ideal worth pursuing, even though we may never totally master it.

The Golden Rule appears in one form or another in virtually every country, continent, and culture on the planet.

Medicine’s Hippocratic Oath is a sub-set of the Golden Rule.  It says to do no harm – that when deciding how to treat others, we avoid decisions, choices, compromises that will (or will have the potential to) cause harm.  Clearly, if a behavior or action will or could cause harm, we simply don’t do it.

Being a Star Trek fan, I am also a strong believer in the Prime Directive, which says to never interfere in the evolution and growth of another, whether that other’ be a person, a country, or a species.

The Golden Rule admonishes us to live and let live.  Are we mature enough to do that?  Or do we need to be right, to be powerful and in control?  Do we need to be ‘good,’ and of necessity to label those who think differently as bad?

What would our lives look like if we were living the Golden Rule?  Well first, picture you and me in our communities, groups, villages, active and involved and working to build and improve and do the things that are priorities for OUR community.  The next community down the road may have different priorities.  That is absolutely fine.  Life is not a one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter, impersonal and faceless existence.

Picture kids, families, extended family, all working together.  Picture communities collaborating and working together and – yes – sometimes having to do the hard work of resolving differences and disputes.

Picture governments, much smaller, fulfilling their role as Public Servants. That, and NO MORE.

Picture businesses and corporations serving us with products and services that enrich our lives.  Those that accomplish this successfully, make a profit.  These entities also employ millions of people, so they also function as employers.  But the umbilical cord between corporations and governments must be completely cut.  The collusion, lobbying, back-room deals must stop.  The function of governments and corporations are ONLY to SERVE US.  But we have given these entities so much wealth and power that they have literally stopped serving us and our interests in favor of their real agenda – profits and power. World peace foundations have diverted from their real agendas, resulting in little to no trust in their functioning or existence.

Picture humans living as we were designed, instead of living in collision with our design (as we are doing now).  Living in collision with our design = self-imposed bondage, and we humans are living in bondage.  We’ve lived that way for so long that we don’t know that there is a better way, a natural way, a freeway –the way our ancestors lived for 3 million years.

If you share these concerns, you CAN make a difference.  Look for Diversity groups that you agree with.  Join our Global Grassroots Movement by clicking the Join button. We are a non-profit working for global peace and development, working to right the wrongs humanity has inflicted upon itself!

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