vision of peace

The definition of peace is not the absence of war or conflict.  Instead, peace is living according to our design.  Humans are designed to live in groups like our nearest neighbors (apes, dolphins, elephants, etc.).  Therefore peace requires living in and for our community.

Communities can take on many forms – they don’t need to be the same, cookie-cutter style. With a vision of peace, you and I can live the way we choose in our community, and the group down the street can choose to live by different priorities.

Differences can be ignored when they don’t pose a threat, and those differences can be worked out and resolved when they do (pose a threat).

Strong, healthy communities don’t allow over-population.  Each community has its priorities, its assets (and liabilities), its geography and resources, and these factors determine how many people can live successfully in any given community.

BOTTOM LINE:  All living species have populations that are in balance – in balance with Earth and the rest of life.  The minute those numbers get out of balance, Mother Nature moves to correct, as She is now doing with Humans.  Return to living the way we were designed, and over-population will cease to be a global human problem.


I wish I could write a bunch of feel-good articles, telling you what you want to hear.  That’s not going to happen.  We are living in bondage – all 7 billion humans, and we’ve been living that way for so long that we don’t even know we are doing it.

Gorillas live freely.  Giraffes and elephants and dolphins and beetles and plants all live freely, naturally, in 100% harmony with their natural design.  We humans likewise lived freely for 3 million years.  But at a point in our past 20-30,000 years ago, we became self-aware.  At that point, we began moving away from living freely.  Instead of living in hunter-gatherer groups, we started creating larger, impersonal bodies – states, nations, governments.  This gave us more money and power.  The tradeoff was that we were no longer free – nations have leaders (often from ruling families).  They decide upon every facet of our lives, and to challenge them could cost you your life.

That process of losing our freedom began (as mentioned) approx. 20-30,000 years ago.  Fast-forward 20-30,000 years, and you have modern life today.  Huge nations, rich leaders and bureaucrats, and most of the world’s 7 billion people living frustrating lives of over-taxation, repression, and bondage.


WE gave our freedom and power (and money) away.  WE must take it back.  If we lack that courage, the extent of our bondage will continue to steadily increase as it is now doing.  Our population will continue to explode (because neurotic species over-populate, whereas healthy species set themselves and their offspring up for success by controlling their numbers).  We MUST return to peace. International crisis groups and governments, globally, MUST return to their proper role – as PUBLIC SERVANTS, AND NOTHING MORE!


Join our community for global peace, Global Grassroots Movement. So that together, we can end over-population, war, hate, and destruction, and grow to a higher standard of world peace.

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