We work hard and sacrifice for the money we make.  This is true of everyone, all 7 billion of us.

We should take home about 90% of the money we make – sadly that figure for most is closer to 50%.  Talk about brainwashing – we focus on our gross income (for instance, “I make $60,000 a year”), when the truth is that we take home about half that.  And where does the rest go?  To make our lives better?  To trusted servants who have our best interests at heart?  Nope.  It goes to a global series of governments who have amassed money and power on the backs of you and I.  These entities could care less about you and I, what’s good for us, etc.  Their interest is in themselves, their careers, their wealth, their power.  Washington DC, basically a slum area, contains the most expensive homes in the world, paid for by you and I!  Feel foolish?  I do.   And if we don’t stand up for ourselves, then we better be happy with our sad state of affairs.

But back to donations.  There are many worthy organizations out there – many focus on endangered and abused animals, children, the poor and struggling in many different countries and cultures.

Yet the plight of animals, the poor and oppressed, etc. are symptoms, symptoms of a deeper problem or root cause.  And I would like to challenge you to donate some of your hard-earned money to correcting this root cause.

And what is that root cause?  The root cause is that at a point in our past when humans became self-aware, we entered the age of ‘self.’  We stopped living in harmony or synch with our human design, choosing to destroy and kill when things got in our way, instead of living in harmony with Earth and all the rest of life on it.

What’s the answer?  We must return to living as we were designed.  Humans are group animals and we live in groups, communities, tribes.  We are NOT bears, and humans don’t live isolated, solitary lives.  You may think otherwise, but you will find out (the hard way) that living in conflict with our design has never worked, doesn’t work now, and will never work.

Bottom line:  Living in harmony with our design (for ANY species) is the definition of LIVING IN PEACE.  Peace is living in harmony with our human design.  And I am asking you to donate for peace.

You are asking “Why should I?  What do I get?”  Here are some things – do you think they are worth it?

  1. Satisfaction – Of being part of a movement to change the direction of an entire species (us humans) from the dangerous and sometimes deadly path we are on, toward a return to peace.
  2. A voice – This is a guarantee.  If you join and donate, you WILL have a voice.  As we unite and grow in numbers, we will be asking you for your input, suggestions, priorities and speaking for you.  With numbers, governments and politicians and corporations will listen to us (for selfish reasons) – we WILL have a voice.

I can’t promise that your life will turn around on a dime.  But I can promise and guarantee that, if you support A Return to Peace, your life WILL get better.  So please donate – we will respond to you, welcoming you as a new member of our global grassroots movement.  Thank you.

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