Do the Earth, the rest of life on it, animals, children, the poor, have rights?  Do they have a voice?

There are 7 billion human souls currently on Earth.  Do any of us have a voice?  I live in a self-proclaimed free country, a democracy (government by the people), actually a republic (which IS a democracy, but one that operates through our elected representatives).  So I have a voice, right?  No.  I lost my voice many generations ago – more recently I have even lost the one last vestige of a voice – my vote.  My vote no longer matters, if I even get to vote.  On any important matters currently, the government has figured out how to get what they want without our approval, with tricks such as Presidential Executive Orders.  So much for democracy.  I can only feel for those human beings in many countries who are way more oppressed than we are in the west.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we DID have a voice?  If someone WAS listening to us, determining what will be good for us in the short and long-term?  If that appeals to you, we want you to join A Return to Peace, a global grassroots movement that will turn the direction of modern humanity away from complexity, destruction and killing, and towards a global return to peace.

You might be wondering “How can we come together globally when there is so much hate and division – not just between different nations and cultures, but within those cultures (for example, the utter division that the United States is experiencing)?”  Yes it may seem impossible, but it is not.  Because us humans, all 7 billion of us, are not all different, separate, at odds.  On the contrary, humans are 99.99% identical.  We all want the SAME THINGS.  So the amazing question:  If we are all 99.99% the same, why do all 7 billion of us focus on the 0.01% differences?  This is an excellent question and will be addressed in a separate blog, but the short answer is:  modern humans have de-matured, and we are behaving like unruly youth.  Mature adults, instead of focusing on our minute differences, would seek to understand and tolerate and live with one another- with those of your community and culture; with those of other communities and cultures globally; with all of our Mother Planet Earth; and with ALL of the rest of life on it.

“Why should I join?”  Good question:

  1. You and I know that humanity cannot continue on its current unsustainable course.  So we will have the satisfaction of knowing that we are part of a movement to return humanity to living in harmony with Earth, the rest of life on it, and (maybe most importantly) to living in harmony with each other (instead of living in the frustration of the absolute global division, separateness, and hate that characterizes modern life today).
  2. Finally, you WILL have a voice – this is one thing we at A Return to Peace, LLC, can guarantee.

Bottom line:  We want you to join.  And donate if you can.  Will you do it?

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