Love Lost in the DSA (Divided States of America)

Love Lost in the DSA (Divided States of America)

Love has been lost in the DSA, replaced by those terrible stock market twins, fear and greed.  For men, what they call love is lust – lust for power, the need to be right, money, for a quick ejaculatory release without the maturity or adult responsibility that accompanies healthy adult sexuality.  For women, what used to be love is now called “security” – which is a nice word for money (and with money, autonomy, independence, “I can do it myself, what do I need you for?”).  And with these low, bottom-feeder aspirations on the part of those who should be adults, we are no longer a mature, principled, mature UNITED nation, but a divided, selfish, immature, divided one.

It wasn’t always this way.  Our human ancestors go back 3 million years.  For virtually all of that time we lived in 100% harmony with our human design – we lived in peace.  But just a short time ago (30,000 or so years, very short by evolutionary standards) we began to move away from our natural design.  This happened when we became self-aware.  Self-awareness was possible by our developing brains, but self-awareness was more than our ancient ancestors could handle.  In fear and desperation, they turned to some self-appointed “leaders” who promised to protect us, to make us powerful, to give us easy and safe lives.  That happened 30,000-or-so years ago. Simply fast-forward to today, and you can understand how modern human life and behavior got this way.

Happily there is good news.  Since we gave away our freedom, passion, and purpose, we (and only we) can (and MUST) take it back.  “How are you going to do this?” you ask.  Only 2 things are needed to change the entire direction of humanity away from complexity, materialism, fear and greed, toward peace.  Those 2 things are:

  • Unity
  • Numbers

Numbers is obvious – even a small critical mass can move mountains if they have a common cause.  So we must unite.  But unity requires one additional thing:  a common purpose (vision, cause, mission statement, plan, blueprint).  So our way forward is clear – we must create that common Vision and unite around it, creating a Global Grassroots Movement that will sweep the human world.

“Wait.  Given the colossal schisms that divide peoples, nations, cultures, even families, how could you possibly create a Vision that all humanity would want to unite around?”

That’s the $64,000 question, but happily it has a $64,000,000 answer.  The Vision that all of humanity will unite around, is the Vision that we (a global cross-section of humanity) ourselves create.  No leader or politician or government can create this Vision for us.  We must create it, and we at A Return To Peace, LLC propose specific steps which will create this global Vision. Then, you and I and people all over, having given input to this global Vision, will unite around this common Vision with passion, courage, and resolve. And once united, and with just modest numbers, we will take on a voice that leaders, diplomats and governments will increasingly be forced to listen to (forced meaning that if they don’t listen to us, the people, they will find themselves bereft of their political gravy-train!).

Would you like to restore love, intimacy, passion, maturity to your life, and to the world?  Then make the following your vision, your goal, your top priority, the thing you’d give your life for:  TO LIVE IN HARMONY WITH YOUR HUMAN DESIGN (which is living in groups, communities, in intimate relations with other humans).  If you simply vow to make this the priority of your heart, we (you and I) can literally change our world.  Keep following us to learn more.

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