Human Overpopulation is not a Problem – It’s a Symptom

As drastic, destructive and deadly as our explosive population has become, human over-population is not a problem but a symptom.  Believe it or not, that’s good news!

Successful, healthy species LIMIT their population to insure their success, both in the present and in the future (for generations to come).  Our kind of out-of-control propagation is characteristic not of healthy living species, but of cancers, viruses, plagues, pestilences, blights, STDs.  Though we don’t like to hear this, this is what we’ve become – not the highest, most favored species, but a plague.  Yes we are the intelligent ones, but we are using our intelligence to kill and destroy.  Question: if a species uses its intelligence to kill and destroy, can that really be called intelligence?  Because when we get finished depleting the Earth and driving most living species to extinction, we will turn on ourselves!

So if over-population is a symptom, what is the underlying problem (the root cause)?  We are a species that is uniquely living in direct and deadly conflict with our natural human design.

Are we doomed?  As unbelievable as it sounds, when we correct the underlying problem and return to living as we were designed, our population issues and all the rest of our modern human dysfunction, will self-correct.  That’s good news.

What do humans look like when they are living in harmony with their design?  Humans live in groups (communities, villages, tribes) just like all our closest mammalian species.  We have sayings:

  • We do together what we can’t do alone
  • No man (or woman) is an island
  • United we stand; divided we fall

So the notion that humans can live on the strength of their own individual uniqueness, is bogus, and pure ego.  Just try it – you’ll ultimately find out it doesn’t work, and you will find yourself lonely and miserable.  Stephen R Covey, in his book The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People describes the 3 levels of maturity:

  • Dependence (appropriate for an infant or child)
  • Independence (in adolescence, to separate from childhood dependency and find their path)
  • Inter-dependence (in adulthood, the knowledge that we need others and aren’t meant to do life alone)

Did you know that humans have a common creed or higher purpose that virtually every culture and religion agrees on?  You ask “How can that be possible?  We are all, globally, so different.”  In the first place, humans are not ‘different.’  That is a fallacy which our immaturity and ego fabricates.  The truth:  Humans are 99.9% the same.  That we focus with terrorism, ethnic cleansing and wars on the 0.1% differences is sheer insanity.  It has no basis in reality.

So what is that common creed?  The Golden Rule, which exists in some form in virtually every culture and religion.  It challenges us to treat others as we would want to be treated.  The Golden Rule doesn’t just apply to other people, but to all life; to Earth; and to any of the moons, planets and stars that we humans have anything to do with.

Question:  Are we living the Golden Rule?  Why not?  And if we did, I know you will agree that the world would be a different (and infinitely better, healthier, safer) place.

Join our Global Grassroots Movement.  We will unite around a common Vision and literally turn the direction of humanity from its modern destructive behavior to living in harmony with Earth, the rest of life on it, and (most importantly) with each other.  JOIN US.

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