Our natural design

What’s not to like about Artificial Intelligence?  Planes that fly themselves; GPS’s that take us anywhere we want to go; self-driving vehicles; computers and calculators that make writing and basic mathematics obsolete.

These conveniences are useful.  They are also addictive.  As we become more and more and more dependent on electronics and computers and smartphones, it would be well to consider the downstream consequences.

Let’s project forward a decade or 2.  Here in the United States:

  • We now have self-driving cars, so young people no longer need to learn to drive or even to get drivers licenses.
  • GPS’s guide us.
  • We don’t need to write or even type.  We can just speak and our voice is converted to written text.
  • Health care is completely computerized.  Computers diagnose, and determine who gets treatments and what treatments they get.

As computers and electronics do more, humans do less.  As such they learn less; mature less; become less intelligent.  At this point, humans rely on computers and electronics more than on each other.  And because we are a species that naturally lives in groups, AI has the potential to destroy these groups – in fact, that has already happened and is continuing to happen.

Consider the downstream consequences:  Our children or grandchildren:

  • Cannot write
  • Cannot perform simple mathematical calculations
  • Cannot navigate or find their way without their electronic device (smartphone)
  • Cannot drive a car

Of course, the rest of the world doesn’t have the luxury of all these AI tools and devices.  Can you imagine your grandchild graduating from college and taking a job requiring travel to other countries.  In those countries, the locals CAN write; they CAN perform math; get from place to place with maps and directions from other human beings; and those locals still have (and drive) cars.  In this scenario, these supposedly advanced U.S. youth will be lacking basic skills that literally disqualify them from functioning in these other cultures.


The issue here is no less than the extinction of us (homo sapiens sapiens).  You and I and every single one of the 7 billion + humans on Earth today, need to ask this fundamental question:  Do we choose to live natural lives, consistent with our species, the kind of natural lives that humans have been living for the 3 million years of our human history?  (yes, 3 million years – Lucy, Australopithecus, walking around on Earth on  feet, skeleton identical to ours, dated to 2.3 million years ago)  Or do we want our natural design to vanish, replaced by clones, genetically modified organisms, computers?  And who programs and decides what all those devices do?  Because those who make those decisions will have total power over our lives.  You say “Oh no, our governments and politicians want what is best for us.  They will not allow any of this to happen.”  QUESTION:  Do you really believe that?  Looking at governments and politics globally, are these entities taking care of us and doing what is best for us?  I think you know the answer to that question:  “Power corrupts.  And absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Think about it.  And if you would like to retain your human-ness, join our global grassroots movement here at A Return to Peace, LLC (  Our promise:  Finally, you WILL have a voice.

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