do unto other

The Golden Rule:  “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if we humans lived by the Golden Rule?  It’s not that complicated, in fact it is utter simplicity itself – we simply take every action, make every decision, as if we were the one being affected.

But the devil is sometimes in the details.  For example:  “I like to eat.  I live by the Golden Rule.  Therefore everyone in the world, in fact every living thing, should be fed.”

Should they?

My 13-year-old wants to go to a party.  No parents are in the home, and we know that kids will be smoking pot.  But your 13-year-old invokes the Golden Rule.

Should you allow him/her to go?

These are important questions, dealing with boundaries.  Boundaries are sticky things – they can look like rules, restrictions, ploys to keep some in power and control at the expense of others.  And yet what would human life and civilization be without at least some laws, controls, safeguards?

The Bible tells us that we can and should set boundaries and rules (i.e. for our children), but we are only to apply them after establishing a foundation of love.  In other words, our kids need to know they are loved for themselves, unconditionally.  Only then can we apply and explain the boundaries we need to set.  If the love is there, our kids will be happy to comply with the boundaries we set, because it sets them up for safety, freedom, and growth.

This love needs to extend to our cultures, nations and governments.  Except that that will never happen, because these agencies are incapable of giving this love.  Instead, they take the money and power and control over our lives that we have given them, and amass fortunes at our expense.

So then, what’s the answer?  Simple.  We must take our lives back.  We must return to living in peace (which means living in harmony with our human design).

“Simple?  How are we going to do that?”  Answer:  by joining our global grassroots movement where we unite around a common vision (purpose, plan).  And join with World peace organizations and Equality groups whose message resonates with you.

“Unite around a common purpose?  How could that happen with a world that is so completely divided, destructive and even deadly?”  The ONLY common purpose that you and I are going to pour our heart and soul into, is a purpose THAT WE CREATE.

“How are we going to create this global grassroots vision?”  Find out by going to our website ( and joining.  No cost or obligation (though we DO need donations).  Upon joining we will reply to you and begin a dialogue with you to understand YOUR concerns, priorities, hot buttons.  In this way, YOU will have a part in creating this global grassroots vision.  And as others see what you and I are doing, they will want to join and give their input.  In this way, thousands of members will now have a voice, a voice that those in power will be increasingly motivated (for selfish reasons) to listen to.  JOIN US.

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