PEACE: Our Natural Human Design


Peace – one of those feel-good words.  But do we even know what it means?  Webster’s Dictionary doesn’t.  It defines peace as the absence of conflict, but that’s like defining love as the absence of hate.  Every living thing has conflict – that’s how we grow, learn, mature.  Peace is more than the absence of conflict.

Peace (for ANY living species) is … living according to (in harmony with) your design.  So bears live fairly solitary lives and are fine, whereas monkeys, dolphins, elephants, humans live in groups – eyeball to eyeball, face to face, everyone known, everyone needed.  When we live freely, naturally, as designed, we handle and manage conflict naturally, appropriately.  Wars, terrorism, hate, division are not healthy attributes, but instead are the actions of a restless, purposeless, frustrated species, a species living in bondage rather than freely.

Modern humans are living in conflict with our natural design.  If we really desire peace, we must return to living in harmony with our human design, in harmony with Earth and the rest of life on it.

Easily said, but how do we regain peace?  How do we return to living naturally, in synch with our human design, living in harmony instead of collision with each other, with Earth, and with the rest of life on it?

Can humanity keep going the way we are going, doing what we are doing, fighting and killing and destroying and hating?  We’ve got problems with the 7 billion + humans currently on the planet.  But our numbers are skyrocketing and in the next few decades 7 billion is going to 10-11 billion.  Those additional 3-4 billion will need food, water, jobs, medical care.  The countries that will be experiencing all that growth are poorer, developing nations, and cannot provide these necessities.  So guess where these additional 3-4 billion humans will go?

The fearful part of us wants to believe that the powers-that-be (leaders, politicians, etc.) will take care of all this.  But we know deep-down that that hasn’t happened in the past, and won’t happen now or any time in the future.  If we desire peace, we must stand up, in courage, and demand it.  Why not?  From a strictly human standpoint, we get to pick the lives we want to live, we in our families, extended families, and communities.  The world of humans belongs to us, the 7 billion.  It doesn’t belong to a handful of leaders or politicians.  Just the opposite – it is OUR world, and they are elected/appointed/paid for one task and one task only … PUBLIC SERVANT.

Of course you and I can’t do it alone.  But, united, even a small critical mass of informed people can literally move mountains.  History has proven this time and time again.

So what are you waiting for?  This is you moment in the Sun.  What better thing could you do in your life than be part of a Global Grassroots Movement to turn the human world, all of us, away from all the hype and drama, money, sex and power, materialism, complexity that we are bombarded with today.

Seek out Christian groups. Or subscribe to Peace newsletters.  And join Us.

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