THE ENVIRONMENT: Melting of ice caps and glaciers

Climate Change

Ice is white.  Ocean water is black.  Black absorbs heat and sunlight, white reflects it.  So when humans affect our climate by as little as a single Fahrenheit degree, we activate the multiplier effect of turning reflective white ice into heat-absorbing black ocean water.

Does the Earth go through cycles of warming and cooling?  Yes.  Are humans responsible for warming/cooling trends?  No.  But are we affecting the climate in any way?  Yes, absolutely, a fact which is accepted by virtually all members of the scientific community.

There is good news.  The good news is that human’s effect on the environment is not a problem but a symptom.  A symptom of a more basic problem or root cause.

Why is this good news?

Because if we isolate and correct the root cause, the symptoms (such as human’s effect on the climate) will self-correct, adjusting themselves back to healthy levels.

Ok, so what is the root cause?  The root cause is that at some point in the past humans stopped living as we were designed.  We stopped living in harmony with our design, in harmony with each other, Earth, and the rest of life on it.

How does that make any difference in the melting glaciers and ice caps?

Because if we return to living in synch with our human design, our population growth will return to normal, healthy levels.  As communities adjust to living in harmony with each other, with Earth, and the rest of life on it, we’ll return to living in harmony with the environment instead of killing, attacking, burning it.

Assuming any of this is do-able, how could we actually make this happen?

We CAN literally change the direction and focus of humanity, IF we are together, united, passionate, and of one mind.  We can create a Global Grassroots Vision, a vision of the 100% life that all humans crave, a Vision that will lead to a Global Grassroots Movement that will sweep the world.   Finally we have answers.  Finally, we can regain our voice.  From a human standpoint it is our world, not the world of a few self-serving leaders.

I think we can all agree that governments, politicians, leaders are not going to make these changes for us.  We must stand up and speak for the changes and the world that we want.  Here’s an approach:

  1. If humanity remains on its present path, some of our biggest social problems will continue to get worse.  Certainly over-population and climate change are 2 of the bigger ones.
  2. Governments or others are not going to solve the climate problem (or any other) for us.
  3. Therefore, WE (you and I) must take the initiative.  If we don’t, who will?
  4. All it takes to turn humanity in the right direction are 2 things:  Unity and numbers.
  5. The need for numbers (a group of us) is obvious. The need for unity is equally obvious, but we must unite around something, something bigger than your or my individual needs.
  6. So what is needed is a Vision, a Mission, a goal, a plan, a blueprint, something that will arouse our passion and attract others to our cause.
  7. So the needed action to take is clear.  Together we must create that Vision.  Yes, WE must create it.  We can’t depend on someone else to do it, because you and I are only going to be passionate about a Vision that WE HAD A VOICE IN.
  8. The purpose of the non-profit organization A Return to Peace, is to create and disseminate that Vision, encouraging interested parties to join our Global Grassroots Movement.
  9. When we attract enough members (just a few hundred or thousand), people and institutions will begin to pay attention, and we will have a voice.  With that voice, we can move mountains, of course assuming that our cause is just, honest, sincere, well thought-out, do-able.


Do we have the right to alter the Earth’s climate?  Or should we be nurturing and protecting Earth and the rest of life on it?  You decide.  I’m VERY interested in your response.

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