“Republican and democrat,” “liberal and conservative,” “Christian and Muslim,” “male and female,” “young and old,” “white, yellow, black,” “democracy vs socialism,” “rich and poor.”

These immature, self-centered judgments divide us.  They are negative, based on the premise that we are “different.”  Instead of seeing that humans are 99% the same, and seeking to find all the wonderful things we have in common, we take the childish approach that we are ‘right’ and everyone else is wrong, flawed, misinformed, the enemy.  How immature and petty!!!!!!!

You wonder “What’s the alternative?”   How about … humans living in peace, globally, everyone living freely, passionately, prosperously, in 100% harmony with their human design.  For humans, this means living in communities, villages, groups, tribes.  You say “Who says?  Why do I have to live in a group?  Modern humans have moved beyond that.”

Really?  Bears live solitary lives.  Most of the larger mammals, including all our closest relatives, live in social groups.  I hate to break this news to you, but humans are not bears!  And if modern society and big governments and our addiction to materialism and power are causing us to move away from living the way we were designed, then the answer is:

NOT that humans need to change to fit society, addictive materialism, oppressive governments; but instead

We need to grow up, find a higher purpose or vision, and insist that society and government return to their proper role, the role of serving us – and nothing more!

So modern institutions such as governments must return to their proper role as PUBLIC SERVANTS.  There is no doubt that they have gone WAY beyond that role, and are actually OPPRESSING the very people they are supposed to serve.  THIS IS DEFINITELY HAPPENING IN THE UNITED STATES, resulting in us becoming the DSA (Divided States of America) instead of the USA.

“We can’t change what is.”  “What can one person do?”  “Just put the right leader in office, and they will fix it.”  These are excuses, and will guarantee one thing – that whatever is the matter, whatever is wrong, WILL GET WORSE.

We CAN return to peace.  We can fix what is broken.  We (you and I and the other 7 billion souls currently residing on Earth) can have ANY WORLD WE WANT.  History is replete with stories of courageous heroes and heroines who have changed whole peoples, whole cultures, even changed humanity.

But sadly, it has to get worse before it gets better.  Desperation unfortunately precedes motivation.  We want to get on with our lives and not have to worry about the direction of humanity – unless we see that our very lives, our futures, the opportunities for ourselves, our kids and grandkids, are at stake.  And a NEWS BULLETIN:  Global human life, today, in the 21st Century, hangs in the balance.  If we don’t change our global human behavior, the quality of life that is our human birthright, will be (and may already be) irreparably lost.

It may indeed be too late, but we don’t know that, so … WE MUST ACT, NOW.

Help us return the United States, and the world, to peace. 

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