ORDER: The Enemy of Liberty

This is the error of humanity – we are living on the premise that forced order will lead to liberty.  Actually, forced order is the direct opposite, the enemy, of liberty.  Liberty is experienced by species living freely, naturally, in 100% harmony with their design.  Order, when needed, emanates from that act of living naturally and freely.

A fascinating twist on the founding of the U.S. can be found in James Madison’s Federalist Papers.  Calling on the Greek and Roman philosophers, etc. our founders believed that human extremes ran from tyranny (King George) to anarchy (“red in tooth and claw”).  Their solution – a democracy balanced between these two extremes.

The error here is that the other 10 million species live 100% freely, in harmony with their design, and they live in peace.  But humans have apparently decided that we (at the top of the food chain) can’t be trusted or allowed to live freely, naturally, but instead must be ruled, led, managed, governed, or else we’ll slip into chaos and anarchy and literally rip each other apart (red in tooth and claw).  The result?  An angry, frustrated (rightly so), hateful, rageful, dangerous species, populating out of control and destroying the very Earth (and life on it) which created them in the first place.  That is something out of a horror movie – definitely not a design for successful, happy, balanced, joyful living.

Join us in our movement to change things for the better!

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