Equal Opportunity

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There are currently 10 million living species of life on Earth.  Every member of every species automatically has equal opportunity.  Does that mean that every member of every species succeeds every time they try (for instance, to get air, water, food)?  Of course not.  Such a scenario might make a nice fictional story, but that just isn’t the way life is.

True equal opportunity ONLY occurs when a species is living a 100% life, living in 100% harmony with their design.  (NOTE:  The definition of ‘peace’ is “Living in harmony with our natural design.”)  An animal in a cage lacks equal opportunity – release that animal and their equal opportunity is restored.  Likewise, if humans are living in self-imposed bondage, forced to comply with corrupt leadership, exposed to different requirements and standards based on power and wealth – in these instances the species in question does not have and will never have equal opportunity.  Equal opportunity = freedom.

Do you favor equal opportunity?  Do you want it for yourself?  Don’t expect some government, politician, bureaucrat or ‘leader’ to provide it for you.  They won’t.  Why should they?  They are making $$ millions that we foolishly and lazily give to them.  If you want equal opportunity, you need to stand up for it.  You have to ask for it … and INSIST if necessary.  If you don’t have the courage to do that, you aren’t and never will be free.

“Yes,” you say, ”but others haven’t had the same opportunities I have had so we need to make up for that.”  No you don’t.  In fact if you now attempt to give “equal opportunity” to those who you think didn’t get it and deserve it, there will be an absolutely predictable result.  Those people who you think you are “helping” will permanently remain where they are.

A good example is the obsession that white people have with reminding themselves of how bad they are.  So they pander to the black people, the native American people, anyone they can think of to remind them of how bad they are.  In the meantime, blacks, native Americans, etc., etc. remain separate, isolated, different.  Which is ridiculous, because skin color has nothing to do with whether or not someone is human.  No, if you truly believe in equal opportunity, stop constantly putting people in categories and let every single human being do THEIR LIFE, THEIR WAY.

Life consists of 2 things:

  • Your business
  • None of your business

99% of life resides in #2, so get on with your own life and leave the rest of the world alone.  That even applies to our own families and kids.  The best we can do for them is to set a good example, be role models.  You say “I wasn’t the best parent so I need to make up for that.”  I have some good news for you:  if you have been less than perfect, then you have proved that you are human.  But if you have changed, grown, improved, matured, and you are continuing to do so, you are becoming a role model for those around you, and all you need to do is to keep growing, learning, improving.

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