Why would anyone live their life based on hate?  Do you know anyone who is always angry?  Observing that, is that the life you want?  Hate and anger lead to poor health.  Frustration and anxiety render human happiness impossible.


Yet how do we overcome this negativity, so that lives of happiness are possible?  Each of us must confront that challenge in our own way, based on our beliefs and experiences, but there are some common elements that are universal.


Humans live in groups.  We work, play, and live together.  We face challenges, even seemingly insurmountable ones, together.  We do together what none of us (yes, NONE of us) can do alone.


We (you and I) own EVERY aspect of our lives.  We own our own happiness.  We must provide for ourselves and our families.  We own taking care of the elderly, widows, orphans, our youth, those who are struggling.  We (you and I) are the ones who help those in-need individuals to get on their feet.


Those things are NOT the role or responsibility of any government.  The minute we turn any of them over to government, we have given up the ownership and passion of our human lives.  Are we suggesting to get rid of government?  Not at all.  Are we saying that government is bad?  Not at all.  But we ARE saying that government is an institution with a proper scope and role, and it must be returned to it.  And what IS that role?  TWO WORDS:  Public Servant.  Whenever government goes beyond that role, they must be reigned in.


Yet why would government, with virtually unlimited money and power, choose to reign themselves in?  The answer, of course, is … they wouldn’t.  That is why WE, all 7 billion of us, must initiate this change in size and scope, so that we can return to lives of peace, lives of happiness, the lives we want.


The common response to this discussion of government is:  “We can’t change government, so we just need to do what we can in our homes and families and communities.”  And of course we DO need to continue to do those things.  But you need to realize that when you recycle or save water or grow some of your own vegetables, and at the same time the United States Government, in bed with Monsanto, who is influencing, lobbying, bribing the representatives who you elected to represent you – when these institutions can spend billions of dollars, support factory farms that literally poison the Earth’s soil, dump antibiotics and pollute the atmosphere and spray deadly pesticides which kill bees and birds – when these things are happening, your attempts to recycle are not sufficient to counteract these self-serving juggernauts (government in bed with huge corporations).  As you and I turn our backs and say “There’s nothing we can do about government and corporate collusion,” the situation just gets worse – AS IT IS DOING.


If you agree, join us.  Investigate World peace groups and Change organizations and support them.  We can dispel hate and substitute peace.   We can respectfully insist that government adhere to its proper role as public servant; that the umbilical cord between government and large corporations is completely severed; and that corporations likewise serve us – with quality products and services at competitive prices that improve and enhance our lives.

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