Miracle Cure of a Sick Society

Miracle Cure of a Sick Society

Most of us are aware that there are plenty of social problems in the world.  No country is immune.  But who wants to be reminded of problems that no one has answers to?  I know I don’t.

The question is this:  are we, you and I, compelled to adjust our way of life, our quality of life, our principles and values and passion and purpose, to the greedy, ego-driven requirements of a sick and dysfunctional society?  Or will we instead stand up in heroism and courage and demand that society (governments) stop their destruction, murder and fraud and return to their proper role as PUBLIC SERVANT?  In this role, governments serve and support us as we live lives in our groups, villages and communities, living in a manner consistent with our natural, evolutionary, human design.

It wasn’t always this way.  Our ancestors lived on Earth for 3 million years.  During virtually all that time they lived in 100% harmony with their human design.  They lived freely, in the present, meeting the challenges of each day.  Lucy, Australopithecus, dated to 2.3 million years ago, walking around on 2 feet just like us, skeleton virtually identical to ours, raising children, getting food, etc.

But approx. 30,000 years ago we began to be self-aware, and it was at this time that we began to veer off the path of our natural design.  Fast-forward to today, and we are living in collision with our natural design.  That is the sole reason we have so many modern social problems.  That is the reason for wars, terrorism, plagues, division, and hate.

Governments are a modern invention.  Governments are monuments to greed and fear – to humans wanting to avoid challenge and courage of the 100% life.  Worse, governments undermine our natural way of living, our design, the way our ancestors lived for 3 million years.  That way is – in community.  Governments undermine and weaken communities with promises of power and money – promises which repeatedly fail to come true.  But we humans keep desperately believing these false promises.  Why?  Because although we know they are just hot air, we haven’t known the better way.

But there is good news.  Whereas we veered off the path of our human design, we can get back on the path.  We at A Return to Peace, LLC propose the better way – a step-by-step process for getting back on that path.  It requires you and I and people in every corner of the world to give input to a new, united Vision for humanity.  I challenge you to join this process – your imagination will be fired, your passion will be stirred as never before, you and I can make a difference, can influence and turn humanity back toward its God-given design.  What greater thing could you or I or any of us do in our lifetime?

You might be thinking “This makes sense, but what can I do?”  You can start by simply being open to ideas that support a vision of humans living freely.  Are you open to that?  If so,  join our band of heroic crusaders.  We will send you a reply requesting that you tell us the issues you believe are important.


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