THE ENVIRONMENT: Cleaning the Oceans

internation crisis groups

Earth is ¼ land and ¾ ocean, yet we have so polluted the ¾ that is ocean that we caution pregnant women against eating fish (toxins like Mercury collect in the fetus more than in the mother).

Currently a garbage dump the size of France is floating in our Pacific Ocean, with the internation crisis groups doing the usual tongue clicking and lip servicing. Is that the best we can do?  Do we have the right to pollute, kill, destroy?

Don’t get me wrong – we have as much right to be here as any other living thing.  But do our “rights” include the over-use, pollution, and destruction of Earth and its oceans that we are currently experiencing, and the accompanying extinction of species after species?

When we return to peace, our human social issues such as massive over-population will self-correct.  When that happens, our oceans will return to their natural, healthy state.  Reading this, is your response “Peace?  Ending over-population?  Cleaning up the oceans?  I’m not buying it.”  If so, I get it.  So I challenge you – ask the hard questions.  Make me/us explain it, justify it, prove it.  I am making the bold statement that returning to peace will (among many other benefits) fix our dirty ocean issues.  Hold my hand to the fire.  Don’t let me off the hook!


The Commons are the portion of Earth (90%+ of it) that no human owns.  So the oceans, mountains, rain forests, life-giving rivers, the atmosphere that holds in the very oxygen, are all part of the Commons.  And because no one “owns” them, no one takes care of them, but instead we use, exploit, consume these resources.  The animals and plants that live in the Commons (that is, virtually ALL plants and animals) have no champion, no rights.  Our human attitude is:  we own Earth – we can do anything we want to it.

Governments and corporations that tout global missions of peace accelerate the destruction process in real. Their motive is power and profit.  So if these ruling entities don’t value Earth and life, who does?  Did I hear you say “I do?”  If that is so, are you standing up, making your voice heard, taking action?  Or just thinking how nice it would be if (someone else) would wave their magic wand and give you peace?

Being a science fiction fan, I’m intrigued with the egoistic notion that, when beings from another planet one day arrive, they are going to seek out humans and say “Take us to your leader.”  The limits of our self-described omnipotence are infinite.

Here’s what will actually happen.  These visitors, as they get close to Earth, will marvel at the paradise that is Earth and life on it.  As they get still closer, they will see the devastation, burning, over-population caused by a single species (us).  Seeing this, they aren’t going to talk to us or ask us anything.  Instead, they will either:

  • Retreat and observe, making sure that humans don’t destroy the magnificence that is Earth; or
  • Step in and stop humans from further pillaging and destruction.

If you share these concerns, you CAN make a difference.  Join our Global Grassroots Movement by clicking the Join button. We aim to deliver our promises.

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