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This excellent forum explains that, in our modern world where more awareness and more participation is needed, humans are moving in the opposite direction, and have become less aware and less participatory.  This is especially maladaptive in a democracy, where the people have (supposedly) fought for and been granted choices and power over their own lives (as opposed to living at the pleasure of a king, a dictator, and/or an oppressive government or military leader).

Speaking of moving in the opposite direction, let’s look at the example of the United States, a country rich in resources, wealth, freedom, education.  You would expect, of all countries, that this one as a society would be on the ascendent in all areas, a role-model for countries less blessed to partner with and learn from.  Yet here are the dirty little secrets that they don’t want you to hear:

  1. Suicide is the second greatest killer of youth (children) in the U.S.
  2. U.S. children today are less educated than their parents
  3. U.S. children today will earn less than their parents
  4. U.S. children today will live shorter lives than their parents (suprisingly, MUCH shorter)

If you are a U.S. citizen, the above should concern you, and you (like me) ought to well be asking “How can we change these disturbing trends to make the outcome better for ourselves and generations to come?”  You will find the answers at  Among the answers, you will be asked to give your input to the contents of a Global Grassroots Vision.  This vision, when built out and published, will serve to move humanity in a new, peaceful, sustainable direction.  There is no cost or obligation so … what are you waiting for?

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