The purpose of the Global Grassroots Movement called A RETURN TO PEACE is to create a Global Grassroots Vision, with input from people around the world, that will be so appealing that it will turn humanity back toward living in peace (which is defined as ‘living in harmony with your species’ design’).  When we live at odds with our design we clash with ourselves, with others, and with Earth and the rest of life on it.  Peace is restored when we return to living in harmony with each other and the rest of life.

As we begin receiving input from members who join and give us their feedback (telling us what needs to be included in the abovementioned Vision for it to be relevant and exciting for them), it may be useful for members who want to give their input, to see some of the broad categories this Vision might include.

The following list contains ideas from the sayings and videos found on the website  These are not meant to limit input, but to provide headings under which you can comment:

  1. “It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society” (J Krishnamurti)
  2. “A People who lose their vision, cast of restraint (perish)” Proverbs
  3. Definition of peace: Living in harmony with your (species’) design
  4. Our Human Creed:
  5. The Golden Rule (Do unto others as you would have them do unto you)
  6. The Hippocratic Oath (Do no harm)
  7. The Prime Directive (Never interfere – with the progress, growth, freedom of another)
  8. Our Human Purpose:
    • To be servants and protectors of Earth and life on it
    • To take life, in its finest aspect, to the planets and stars
  9. Our History:
    • Extends back 3 million years
    • Lucy, looking just like us, walking around on 2 feet, 2.3 million years ago
    • A glorious saga of courage and overcoming and events which have led to modern life today
  10. The Event that began our loss of peace:
    • Our hunter-gatherer ancestors became self-aware 17,000+ years ago
    • Self-awareness was an impossible burden to these early people (see Harvard Prof Leary’s book The Curse of Self)
    • They were driven to insanity, sacrificing their own women and children to imaginary gods
    • “Leaders” promised safety and ease in exchange for servitude and loyalty
    • Dependence on others to meet our needs via ‘governing,’ was born
    • 17,000+ years of this dependence has brought us to the world we have today
    • Dependence, like begging or drugs, is addictive. It robs us of passion and purpose
  11. What are the symptoms of this dependency?
    • Drastic over-population (which is a sign of a sick, out-of-control species, not a healthy one)
    • Hate, killing, wars, division, all the by-products of chronic fear and frustration
    • Devastating effect on youth, globally
    • Loss of quality-of-life, passion, purpose, meaning
    • Threat to the very Earth that gave us life – we are currently using nearly 50% more resources than Earth can replenish (which is unsustainable)
  12. If the above are symptoms, what is the underlying (root) cause?
    • The Root Cause is the abovementioned Event and the response of our ancestors, when we began giving away our passion to others, began living in opposition to our design, began relying on others to make decisions about how we live and raise our children, and even how to spend our money
  13. So how can we Return to Peace?
    • Reduce governments to their proper role as public servants
    • Return the massive cost, waste, fraud to people to spend in their communities as they choose
    • Cut the umbilical cord (collusion) between huge, powerful, rich governments, and huge, powerful, rich, for-profit corporations
  14. Isn’t this proposal (reducing the scope of governments, etc.) an impossible task?
    • Governments thrive on a dependent people who they can manipulate with fear
    • If humans unite around a vision or cause, there is NO power on Earth that can deny them
    • Unity and Numbers are all that are needed to completely change the direction of humanity
    • Unity requires a Vision, which we are creating based on your input
  15. What can I do?
    • Simply join (no cost or obligation)
    • We’ll take it from there, by contacting you for your input, ideas, concerns
    • Then, from your input, building a Vision that is so appealing that people everywhere will want to become part of our Global Grassroots Movement

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