What is a human being?


You’re thinking “What a stupid question!”  But do we humans really know who and what we are?  Do we know our niche – where we fit in this grand, awesome cycle of planet Earth and all the rest of life on it?  Gorillas are unapologetically 100% gorilla – and we don’t expect anything else.  Giraffes and amoebas are 100% themselves.  But humans, having long since lost the freedom of living in 100% harmony with our design, live 30% lives of stress, frustration, and bondage – bondage to governments, bondage to materialism, wealth, power, ego.

We began the detour from natural living when we became self-aware, some 30,000 or so years ago, and the result is modern human life, globally, today.  Yes we live in bondage.  We literally have no idea what living freely, naturally would even look like, because it was lost to humans so long ago.  The really sad thing is that that bondage is not the fault of the politicians and governments and wealthy CEO’s.  They are all doing fine.  The fault is on us – these entities are becoming billionaires off the money and power that we have given away.  And of course they are not going to voluntarily give up their ticket to massive wealth.

But there is good news.  Because we are the ones who gave away our freedom, it follows that we (and only we) can and must take it back.  And we must do it immediately because we are at the point where if humanity doesn’t change its behavior radically, we will never recapture free living, never recapture our birthright.

We’re A Return to Peace, LLC, a group of authors and researchers with a vision for a life in harmony with our human design, a life in harmony with Earth and the rest of life on it. We set out over 10 years ago to dig back in our pre-history, to ask ourselves “What is a human being?” – To find out who and what we truly are. Here’s what we found:

  • Human beings live in groups, extended families, communities – have lived that way for over 2 million years
  • Living face-to-face, intimately, creates a passion and shared purpose
  • Children raised in this way become healthy, mature, prepared adults

We also found that:

When you take community away, the passion and purpose seeps away and is ultimately lost.  And it is a bad unintended consequence of huge, central, national governments, that government one-size-fits-all rule pulls humans away from their vital connection and support of their community. We are not saying anything against government; not suggesting that some government is not beneficial and even essential.  But we ARE stating that governments, globally, MUST return to their proper role.  And what is that “proper role?”  Very simply, governments are supposed to be … PUBLIC SERVANTS.  Public servants, and nothing more.  The very second they take more of our choices, responsibilities, freedoms away, they have gone beyond their role and need to be brought sharply back.  They won’t do it on their own, so it must be initiated by … us.

We have an exciting goal, the building of a global grassroots movement designed to take our power, passion and purpose back. In future blogs we’ll give you lots to think about, so … come back soon, and Join Us!

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