If you think relationships are hard, try honesty. Not cash-register honesty, but … the truth. And what IS the truth? I wish I knew. Back in the mid-20th century, there was a fairly universal concept embraced by mature humans planet-wide called “right and wrong.” Today that concept is dead, replaced by the childish, immature alternative, “relativism.” Relativism says “There’s no right and wrong – everything is relative, everything is acceptable, every bad behavior has an excuse. Except for one huge caveat – you can only say and think what I deem to be acceptable (politically correct)!

I’m not judging or lecturing. I’m as guilty as anyone. We fully expect a gorilla to be 100% gorilla, and they never surprise us. But do I get to be 100% human? I don’t even know what that is. Society uses fear, guilt and shame to break our natural design and condemn us to lives of 30% bondage. We start that breaking process in early childhood. By the age of 8 or 9, the deed is done. From that point on, we no longer know right and wrong, sad and happy, alive and natural and free vs. complete bondage. In my case I am not even in harmony with my own body – sensuality, the joy of the moment, the excitement of a small child – these wonderful aspects of life have been exorcised. In its place, society has brainwashed me to “look like” I am happy and successful, and I am VERY skilled at saying and doing what I think you want to see and hear.

We at A Return to Peace put a premium on honesty, although (as described above), it is hard to know what honesty is and how to practice it. We have pledged to live in ways that promote peace, inclusion, understanding, diversity, and invite you to visit the What We Do tab on our website (  Also, locate and support Unity groups and Inclusion organizations in your town, village, community.  We CAN do better.  We CAN return to peace.

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