First, do you know what peace is?  (if you don’t, how can you have it or even aspire to it?).

DEFINITION:  Peace (for ANY species) is “Living in harmony with your design.”

With that definition, all 10 million species (except humans) currently live in peace.  And that doesn’t mean that their lives don’t include conflict – ALL living things experience conflict.

So would you say that humans also live in peace?  I don’t think so.   Humans are a frustrated, restless species who have lost the ability to live naturally, enjoy life, think and act appropriately (appropriately meaning thinking and acting in harmony with our natural human design).

We don’t even know what our “human design” is.  We teach our children that our human history goes back 5000 years, to ancient Greece and Rome.  Of course that is ridiculous – no living thing has a history of only a few thousand years.  5000 years ago was not our ‘ancient’ history at all.  It was a recent time when humans were already in bondage, living under the thumb of a handful of rich and self-serving rulers.  What is lost is the previous 2,450,500 of our history – that is our TRUE history – that is the history that has led to modern humans today.

Some naïve academics believe that us modern “intellectuals” no longer think or act like our ancestors, and they suggest that we need to change.  That sort of thinking may fly on a university campus, but it flies in the face of reality.  The truth is:  WE NEED TO LIVE AS WE WERE DESIGNED TO LIVE, AS 100% HUMANS, AS WE LIVED FOR  3 MILLION YEARS.  If universities or institutions have a problem with that, it is THEY who need to change, not us.

A child with 2 eyes knows that the Woolly Mammoth and the Mastodon preceded the modern elephant; that the Sabre-Toothed Tiger (found in Los Angeles’ La Brea Tar-pits) preceded the modern tiger; and that Lucy (Australopithecus), with her remains dated to 2.3 million years ago and with a skeleton virtually identical to ours, is just as certainly our ancestor.

So we are teaching our children a lie, and in the process our magic magnifying minds have severed us from the most glorious history, ancestry and stories you can possibly imagine.  No species can survive by raising their young on the basis of a lie.  That is a guaranteed path to certain extinction.

You say “Don’t be silly.  Humans, top of the food chain, intelligent species, we’ll be around forever.”  Really?  We are well along on the extinction train, probably past the point of recovery, and we are so naïve, so “out of it,” that we don’t see the obvious.  If aliens from another planet came to Earth (as may well happen), the cat would soon be out of the bag.  The damage, destruction, death being foisted on the Earth by humans is obvious even from orbit.

What we are teaching our youth is false and misleading – and untrue.  Our true history is more courageous and glorious than you can possibly imagine.  Although we won’t explore that history here, it can be found in several of my books, which are available on our website or in my author page on Amazon.

We can return to peace if we work and act together.  We need to talk, communicate, discuss, hear others’ points of view.  I really enjoy listening to the English Parliament – they laugh and boo and heckle each other over their political differences, and basically have a fine and entertaining time doing it.  In sharp contrast, American politics and politicians are deadly serious – which is not authentic or constructive, but instead ego-driven and woefully immature.  And the result?  A government that stands for nothing and does nothing (and you and I are paying the price).

Join us.  Seek out Climate change groups and Diversity organizations. We CAN do better.  We CAN return to peace.

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