Former President Ronald Reagan described the issue confronting America prior to his presidency.  The situation he describes has escalated by a factor of 1000, and I STRONGLY suggest you listen to his message:

I do not call myself a republican, but I AM conservative.  So his philosophy resonates with me.  But there is something higher, greater, more true than the division of democrat/republican, conservative/liberal, heterosexual/gay/trans/whatever, black/white/tan/chocolate.

What is that ‘greater’ thing?  It is the concept of UNITED as in United States of America.  We are currently the Divided States of America, and … United we stand, divided we fall.  And make no mistake – we have fallen and are falling.  Suicide is the second greatest killer of American youth.  And youth today:

  • Are less educated than their parents
  • Will earn less than their parents
  • Will not live as long as their parents (by as much as 2-5 years on average)



We are 20- to 40 trillion dollars in debt (and we continue to give foreign aid to the communist country that is plotting our downfall).  But many see this scenario differently, and if we are going to be re-united, we must make a mature attempt at understanding.

Currently we have a liberal government, liberal to the extent of socialism.  Apparently many believe that America – land of the free – once a beacon for many nations and cultures who had lost (or never had) freedom – is no longer a beacon, something to be defended and protected, a safe haven for oppressed people wherever they may live.  You would like to see America collapse.  The thought of a white male makes you sick (I am one, by the way).  If Bill Gates is rich, you believe you have just as much right to be rich (so enjoy those nice checks that our bankrupt government keeps sending).

At root, you have a heart for the common man or woman, and that’s a good thing.  In fact, isn’t that basically what America was founded on (a government of, by and for the people)?  But I must be honest and say that, while you may have good intentions, you are VERY naïve.  You believe that anyone  (killer, rapist, etc.) should be able to come to the U.S. and immediately vote and draw welfare (even if they came here illegally, have a criminal record, etc.).  You’d like to tear down all churches, and the American family.  You even have a problem with biology – we, like all mammals, reproduce sexually, and we have institutions like marriage which endeavor to maximize the strong family structure, but … apparently you know better.

Up until now we have somehow given up honesty in favor of political correctness, and I must confess that I have been right in there.  I hear you saying things that disgust me, and I somehow nod approvingly and congratulate myself for being so open-minded (read “weak”).

The time for that is passed.  We (humanity) is collapsing.  Not on the verge of collapse -we are way beyond that.  Earth, which gave us life in the first place, is drowning in dysfunction, destructive and deadly humans, and our population is skyrocketing.  Along with it goes the extinction of species after species – there are more tigers now in captivity than in the wild – elephants, gorillas, all the rest of the big animals (our closest relatives) are just about extinct.

So go ahead and keep tearing down America.  China will love it – so will Iran, Russia, North Korea. Instead of a safe, secure, successful future for our youth, lets focus on lesbians, homosexuals, blacks.  Yes blacks – I love our gross immaturity – we insist that skin color makes no difference, that we are all equal, etc. (all of which is true).  Then we kill and destroy over these very differences, thus insuring that prejudice exists, has always existed, and will exist forever no matter what we say or do.  That kind of immaturity has one outcome for the culture which worships it – COLLAPSE!!


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