The 2100’s cannot be a continuation of the 2000’s

Millennials are not lost or struggling, not second-class people or citizens.  They are a generation caught in the hallway of transition, change.  We (all of us) need to support them as they navigate this difficult transition.  When the way forward becomes clear, no less than a new chapter in human evolution will be written.

While envisioning and creating the new, Millennials must avoid throwing the wisdom of the ages under the bus.  The future may unfold in new ways, but NO species can deny to role of the adults of the species to train, prepare, educate, show the young how to navigate life.  We’re not talking about the material pursuits and accomplishments of engineering, science, medicine, technology, government, politics.  We are talking about the traits and indicators of real human success – maturity, integrity, self-confidence, purpose, passion.  And, most importantly, understanding that THESE latter traits are the real indicators of success.

The phrase in the Bible “Honor thy father and mother” is not written for your father and/or your mother; not written in order to get you to appreciate parents that you don’t respect.  It is written for you, for your wellbeing and happiness.  Because if you believe you come from garbage, you are most likely garbage.  But if you are at peace, confident, then you realize that your parents and every human being on the planet is doing the best they can.  They have all suffered, as you and I have suffered.  So whereas we might want to change events and decisions of the past, we respect those who have gone before in at least trying to prosper, succeed, do the best that they could in circumstances that we don’t fully appreciate (because we weren’t there).  And we realize that these elders counseled and guided us the way they did because they wanted us to have successful, productive, happy lives.


Our human history extends back 3 million years (Lucy, 2.3 million years ago).

  • Just as surely as the Wooly Mammoth and the Mastodon preceded the modern elephant, and the Sabre-Toothed Tiger preceded the modern version, Lucy preceded us and is our ancestor.
  • If the stories and saga of those 3 million years could be written, it would be 1000X more relevant and exciting and unbelievable than all the books ever written.

The Earth is a paradise – if any one species poses a threat to the beautiful and fragile balance that is Earth, all of life on it, and the billions of organisms and events that have gone before – if that species poses a threat, they will either change or perish – Mother Nature will see (and in the case of humans, is seeing) to that.

The old door (of thinking, exploiting, using, taking more than we can replenish, of arrogance and hubris, of fear and greed and selfishness and apathy) has basically closed.  But the new way, the new door, is unclear.  So we are in that most terrible of all places – the hallway! (knowing something is wrong, but not knowing how to make it better).

During virtually all of that 3 million years we lived in harmony with nature, in harmony with Earth and all of life on it, and in harmony with our human design.

The source (root cause) of all current problems and dysfunction of modern humans was the following:

It happened about 30,000 years ago

Our developing brains allowed us to become self-aware (note – ‘self’)

Af first we were self-aware infants, then toddlers.  We are currently barely self-aware adolescents

Self-awareness (our most defining trait) is not yet mature – we are not yet mature

Worse, the ego, our self-centered nature, has overshadowed ancient wisdom.  Ancient wisdom refers to the 3 million years when humans and our ancestors lived in 100% harmony with our natural design.

We foolishly and neurotically believe that we are somehow “chosen,” special, even omnipotent.  We believe we “own” – everything, so that we can kill, burn, destroy, drive out everything, every plant and animal, and every other human that gets in the way of ‘me’ having what ‘I’ want.

We fashion ourselves as “intellectually superior,” even believing that when aliens from other worlds discover and arrive to visit (or conquer) Earth, they will come straight to us and say “Take me to your leader.”  Then, in our childish fiction, a few leaders and the aliens will discuss “things” over lunch!!  So infantile and ridiculous!  What is more likely to happen is that aliens, seeing the awesome beauty and abundance of Earth, and then observing the devastating damage being done to Earth by a single species, move to stop that species from doing further damage and literally destroying Earth and life on it.  And as far as communicating with us – no species farther advanced than us, would waste their time.

What we should do (but of course we won’t) is to do everything to prepare for the day when we are visited, so that when that day comes we have returned to living in harmony with Earth, all the rest of life on it, and in harmony with each other, instead of – – divided, destructive, deadly, frustrated, angry, impotent.

Do we return to peace?  Or continue on our current path?


So if we choose to return to peace, how do we change?  Most of us globally know that we need to change.  But change to what?  The feeling of many is that “You can’t change what is.  You can’t change nations, governments, cultures, leaders.”  That is nonsense.  Huge changes in attitude, action, and beliefs have happened at pivotal points throughout all of Earth’s history.  And whether you and I realize it or not, we are at a pivotal point in human history – possibly the most critical pivotal point ever.  The literal future of Earth; of countless species on their way to extinction; and the pending extinction of mankind; all that and much more hangs in the balance, awaiting the choices and decisions we make … NOW (this month, this year).

The material achievements of humans (science, medicine, technology) are impressive.  But have we reached the limits of our minds (our “intellect”)?  The mind is amoral.  It doesn’t always choose to do the right thing.  Driven by fear and greed my mind acts, often driven simply by what I want or what I think will make me happy.

But where are the limits?  Where are the elders, in wisdom, asking the tough questions?  Questions like “Is what we are about to do good for Earth and life on it?”  Or are we seeking short term leisure and advantage for ourselves, while saddling future generations with the cost and the consequences?

Up until now we have not been asking these questions, not making choices which are best for Earth and all life going forward, so what we have gained in material knowledge (technology, science, medicine, space travel, military weapons) we have lost in maturity, honesty, integrity, love, wisdom.  Many (myself included) would argue that we have gained materialism at the cost of that which really matters in life.

Every choice we make, every new product and technology, every move and action of the world’s approx. 160 governments, should be required to pass this test:

  • Is it good for Earth, for life on Earth, and for humanity going forward?  If it is, then by all means do it
  • If it isn’t – don’t do it!
  • If you are not sure – don’t do it and wait until, one way or the other, you ARE sure


When we talk about living naturally, the way we were designed, and living in harmony with Earth and the rest of life, what are some of the things that are fairly clearly non-harmonious, deadly, and destructive?

  • War, hate, terrorism, division (nation against nation, religion against religion, even family member against family member)
  • Huge, rich, powerful, oppressive governments
  • Corporations colluding with governments, increasing their power and profit while ignoring the question of whether their products and services enhance life or destroy it.
  • Artificial intelligence – Be VERY careful.  This is sneaking up on us
  • Governments, scientists, laboratories that will do anything, experiment with anything, clone or genetically modify anything, just because they can.  And hang the consequences.


We are not against governments.  Governments serve a valuable purpose.  But governments have a proper place or role.  And what is that role?  It is as PUBLIC SERVANT. Anything beyond that is NOT the role of government, but instead belongs to us in our families, extended families, and our community.  To be successful in the new Millennia, we must take back our purpose, our power, and our passion.  JOIN US.

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