Fascinating how our human brains work. We put ourselves down with phrases like “In a perfect world…”  (implying that all the rest of Creation is perfect, but we are somehow defective).  I’ve got great news for you – we DO live in a perfect world; we CAN live in peace; and we are NOT defective.  Your brain rejects this immediately, so I am speaking to the greater you which is your heart (your soul), and not to your petty, suspicious, immature little mind.

Elephants and squirrels and gorillas live 100% in harmony with their unique design.  They exist because they fill a niche, an essential part of the wonderful organism which is Earth and all life on it.  As such, they live in peace; they satisfy their design perfectly; and are not defective in any way.

Humans are no exception, IF we were living in harmony with our design.  But we aren’t.  We are living in collision with our design, and the result is massive overpopulation, wars, killing, destruction, drug abuse, suicide – a global addiction to sex, power and materialism as “roads to happiness.”  We’re a frustrated species, and frustrated species are unhappy and often dangerous.

“It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society” (J Krishnamurti)

We don’t have to live this way – we can return to living in peace.  We lived in peace for almost 3 million years.  We began losing our peace (giving it away to others) approximately 20-40,000 years ago.  And if that choice is no longer working for us and we have the wisdom, courage and maturity, we can choose a different way.

About me:  My desire is to live a life of passion. To do that takes a lot of courage, honesty and maturity. I’m not yet where I want to be, but I have made a lot of progress from where I have been. Passion is connected to liberty and wisdom. Order and knowledge lay at a level below, nothing more than tools to be called on and used if needed.  Knowledge without maturity, wisdom, discernment is worthless, often at odds with the truth, and dangerous.

Humans live and find their meaning in groups, communities. By design they live eyeball to eyeball, face to face, everyone known, everyone needed – no lonely cities full of anonymous loners.

The more honest and open I am, the more passion I exude and the more passion I attract. On the other hand, my pride and ego want to keep secrets. They don’t want me to let you know me, my feelings and what interests and attracts and excites me, because then you’ll know I’m not perfect (you already knew that, but my brain is so small and petty that it thinks it has everyone fooled, when the only fool is the brain thinking it).

Wisdom unites. Order and knowledge divide. Humanity is on a dangerous path, a path of addiction to materialism, things, money, knowledge, self. The only cure for this addiction is to return to living naturally, in groups, the way we evolved and were designed, the way we have lived for close to 3 million years. We began to move away from that natural state some 20-40,000 years ago. If we choose to unite, to come together, to grow up, we will find that all of us humans are 99% the same. Certainly we live in different locations and cultures, but at our core we all want the same things – to live in peace, to enjoy our lives, to prosper from our hard work and retain what we’ve earned to spend as we choose.

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