If I asked you to describe a squirrel in its natural state, no doubt you could do it.  Yet can you describe the natural state of yourself (humans)?  Wouldn’t it be fascinating to get a group of humans from every corner of the world, and hear their answers to this question?

You might say “Squirrels are one thing, but humans are so much more – so complex, so unique, so different… .”  Baloney.  Humans are 100% predictable, 100% the same.  I’ve been to several of the world’s countries, and the people there are exactly like the people here.  They talk about food, family, relationships, love, etc.  We’re all virtually the same, but for some unexplainable and childish reason, we focus on the 0.01% differences and ignore the 99.99% of humanity that is identical and the same.

When I think of the natural human, a Hobbit community comes to mind, a community of family, extended family, friends and neighbors, working together, living together, loving and suffering and succeeding and (sometimes) failing.  That (to me) is … LIFE!!  Yet in our modern society (a  society of “thinking,” of drama, and hype) is hollow, unbelievably immature and childish, really disgusting if you stand it up against our vision or dream of what our lives could be.

Let’s get to the bottom line.  Is your life today consistent with your dream, of what your life could be?  If not, why not?  Why shouldn’t we be 100% human?  We fully allow gorillas and squirrels and birds to be 100% themselves.  Let’s get honest.  The reason we aren’t 100% human has to do with laziness, apathy, the tendency to let someone else make decisions for our lives that only we should be making.  We are like animals in a zoo.  We are caged and fed, but we yearn for the natural life, and the result is a species of 7 billion neurotic, frustrated, mixed-up adolescents pretending to be adults.  And the sad thing is that, unlike the caged animal, we have caged ourselves!

And what’s the “better way?”  These words come to mind:  Courage, hero, heroine, warrior, warrioress, bravery, maturity, honesty, integrity, reliability, dependability.

Do I do these things?  No.  Do you?  I’ll leave it to you to answer that.  But here’s what I DO KNOW:  We can do these things … TOGETHER.  We can move mountains, do together what none of us can do alone.  We at A Return to Peace have pledged to act and behave in ways that are more natural, more in line with our natural human design.  But we can’t do it alone.  WE NEED YOU.  Join us.

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