Communities are human’s natural groupings, the groupings they have enjoyed for 3 million years.  Yes, 3 million years.  Pull up a picture of Lucy – Australopithecus, walking around on 2 feet just like you and I, same skeleton, same cranial and pelvic structure, finding food, raising young, doing all the things you and I do.

Some say that these ancient ancestors are not human, not our ancestors.  They say that they are animals, while we modern humans are … what?  Funny – the truth is, we don’t know WHAT we are!!  We think we are so intelligent and so gentle and kind, while in reality a puppy has the qualities that we have long-since lost.  That is why we love them.

BULLETIN:  We could recover those qualities.  We could return to peace.  But it is going to require courage, wisdom, sacrifice.  It will require you and I getting off our asses joining Environmental organizations and human rights groups, getting involved.  It’s OUR world – let’s take it back!

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