What is your perfect life?  Don’t tell me you don’t have one.  Every one of us has some sort of a fantasy, a dream, an idea of what could be.  I know I do, and I call mine ‘hope.’

Parents, society, and our limited minds, have convinced us that the life of our dreams is not only not possible, but to desire it is selfish.  Wow – that’s a real recipe for happiness, isn’t it?

And what does a natural, normal, happy, human life actually look like?  Do you know?  I can tell you that humans are a group animal.  We live in groups like our nearest brothers and sisters and cousins, both human and primate.  So Neanderthals lived in groups for many million years.  Gorillas and dolphins and elephants live in groups.  Bears don’t live in groups – they are for the most part solitary.  But humans are not bears.  Humans have sayings like:

  • No man/woman is an island
  • Wherever two or more are gathered
  • We can do together what we can’t do alone
  • United we stand, divided we fall

But sadly, we have lost our connection to community, especially in the west.  Instead of each other, we substitute our addiction to thinking, television, our smartphones, and the petty negativity that comes from social media and politics, drama and hype.  And we have given away our passion and purpose and choice to big government in collusion with big and powerful corporations.

There is an institution that thrives off of our addiction to thinking, drama and hype.  It is called government.  Government is a monument to our laziness.  We give them unlimited money and power, allowing them to literally write the script for our lives.  Government is a bully – exactly like the difference between a dog, and a pack of dogs.  That pack will exhibit aggressive and hostile behavior that none of the dogs would attempt individually, and that is exactly what you and I are doing.  You say “I would never do that.”  NEWSFLASH:  You ARE doing that, not by your behavior or actions, but (much more cowardly) by what you silently condone, accept, choose to look the other way about.

What’s the answer?  Easy.  We must take our lives back.  We humans are 99.99% identical, regardless of which corner of the Earth we reside. Yet we spend our whole lives envying and hating, warring and fighting, killing and destroying, over the 0.01% differences.  A question for you:  Does that thought process (focusing on the differences instead of the similarities) make any sense?

What if we (all 7 billion of us humans) decided to insist on peace.  Returning to peace, living in peace, moving forward in peace, forming and joining Peace organizations and Activist groups.  We at A Return to Peace are pledged to pursue peace.  Visit our What We Do page on our website; subscribe to our Newsletter; and join us.

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