The Earthjustice motto:  “Because the Earth needs a good lawyer”

The Earth DOES and MUST have rights.  Otherwise we humans will continue to destroy it.  Can you imagine – a species destroying the very planet, and life on it, that created them?  That is UNTHINKABLE.  Humans pride ourselves on being unique, different than the primates and the rest of life.  But we are only unique because we extinguished (murdered) the several other species of humans who lived on Earth with us just a short time ago (as near as 17,000 years ago).  Some of those species were Cro-Magnons, Denisovans, Neanderthals – all gone, all dead, all extinct (except that some mated with homo sapiens so we carry their genes).  So let’s not get too lofty an opinion of ourselves – humans are a dangerous, destructive, and even murderous species.  If you are in our way, your prospects aren’t good.  We call on Environmental groups, Animal rights organizations, and others to join us in moving away from killing and destruction, and instead insist on inclusion, diversity and peace.


We have this egoic fantasy that when aliens come to Earth, they will land and say (in English?!) “Take me to your leader.”  The idea is that they and our leaders will sit down over lunch and talk, one intelligent species with another.

WHAT WILL ACTUALLY HAPPEN:  Aliens will approach Earth and immediately appreciate its beauty, its diversity, the beautiful skies and mountains and rivers and oceans and valleys; the colors and vegetation and diversity of life.  As they get closer it will become apparent that one species is killing, destroying, burning, and that species has so over-populated that Earth’s entire ecosystem is in jeopardy.

So aliens will assess what they see and make 1 of 2 choices:

  • Leave, continue to observe, and come back in a few decades to see if somehow the balance of life on Earth has been restored; or
  • Intervene, stopping humans from further killing and destruction, so that Earth and the rest of life on it can heal, can return to the paradise that it was before the plague of human over-population.

There is a 3rd possibility.   Aliens see so much potential on Earth that they take Earth for themselves.  Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.  In fact, let’s hope that aliens don’t find us until we have somehow learned to live peacefully on Earth, as we were designed to do (and as we did for 3 million years).



According to the IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare), poachers kill 20,000 elephants every year.  Killing methods include placing land mines (bombs) in the ground and detonating them when an elephant walks over them.  Tusks are taken to be ground up so men in some culture can get erections, while the rest of the elephant is left to rot.

Did you know there is presently more tigers in captivity than in the wild?

QUESTION:  What are we going to do about it?

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