Sorry to all you God Bless America singers, but let’s take a look at the words you are singing:

God bless America – Is He blessing us? Are we acting in a manner that God would bless?
Land that I love – Do you? How do you show it?
Stand beside Her – Are you doing that?
And guide Her – Do you? How do you show it?  With the light from above?  Do you rely on some higher power, purpose, good … or just on your self?
From the valleys and oceans full of foam … (foam is fine, but we have so polluted the ¾ of Earth that is ocean that doctors advise pregnant women to avoid eating fish)
God bless America, our home sweet home –Is America your and my home? Do we keep it clean, safe, pay our bills, bravely protect our home (refusing access to those who would rob us, kill us, hate us, wish to tear down everything our ancestors fought and died to build up?).
Is this “home sweet home” of ours safe and nurturing for our kids?

Next time you sing this at a baseball game (with players’ $$ multi-million contracts while your kids’ teachers barely make enough to live on), think about what you are singing.
Next time you are getting high on your medical or recreational marijuana, reflect that kids walking by the pot store on their way to school are getting a contact high. Some will become potheads, and some (our next generation, our hope, our future) will commit suicide (suicide is the 2nd greatest killer of youth in the U.S.). Am I saying that pot is causing suicide. No.  But the mentality and attitude of the ‘me’ generation IS causing youth suicide (and in fact is also the cause of ALL of our modern human issues).

Most of us understand that humans globally can’t continue the unsustainable behaviors of today.  But what we DON’T know is … what is the ‘better way?’

The better way is to return to peace – to return to living the way we were designed, the way our wonderful ancestors lived for well over 3 million years.

And, GOOD NEWS!  We CAN return to peace, if we want it bad enough.

You say “How can you change government, politics?”  “People are going to do what they are going to do.”  “Human nature is what it is.”  “What can one person do?”

We CAN change government.  We CAN return to peace.  We CAN grow up, change, act differently.  But we can’t do it alone.  We must unite, coming together around a common, higher purpose or vision.

Concerned?  What if you and I COULD change the direction of humanity, away from division, death and destruction and toward prosperity, purpose, peace?  How would your feel to be part of a Global Grassroots Movement to make this happen?  Or ask yourself this question:  what more exciting and rewarding activity could you do in your lifetime than to be part of a movement away from ‘self’ and toward peace?


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