Do we and our elected representatives and the corporations who supply us with goods and services do so on the basis of what is best for us as humans, citizens, customers?  Or is it decided on the basis of money?

So kids are walking home from school and pass the local marijuana shop, and get a contact high from the patrons out in front getting high.  Was that shop and others legalized because it is best for us, the people, or because someone said that they could tax these stores and get money for … whatever?  When you voted to legalize pot, they said that the revenue to the state would provide much-needed money for our kid’s schools.  What a convenient sales pitch – they are literally selling our children to us, and you were stupid enough to believe them.  When are you and I going to get the picture – government is not the answer to anything.  It is itself the problem.

Remember Obamacare (socialized medicine).  The initial sales pitch said that government-provided health care would actually save money over the cost of helping those who don’t or can’t provide health insurance for themselves?  Again … you believed it?

Do we turn a blind eye to the proliferation of gambling casinos and lotteries because we think (incorrectly) that some of the money spent there will benefit our schools?  Basketball players who disgrace our very nation, make millions of dollars in playing contracts.  But our children – teachers are the least paid of any professional class.  Schools say they lack money to even buy classroom materials, so teachers purchase those materials for their students.  Where are our priorities?  Is this the best we can do for our children, the future, successive generations who are going to inherit the dangerous, deadly, defunct world we are passing down?  We have raped and pillaged life, run up trillions of dollars of debt which we have no intention of paying back (in fact we are ramping up our spending to insure that the dollar loses its status in world economies, and when that happens the economic fall will propel us into bankruptcy or worse.  From “leader of the free world” we will become an out-of-date, meaningless, has-been society of fat and naïve losers.  Or have we already become that?

If we are doing any of the above, we are deciding moral (right-and-wrong) issues on the basis of money.  Has the US become this materialistic?  Is this behavior what we are asking God to bless?

Are we addicted to money, wealth, prestige, appearances?  Isn’t it interesting that we judge the state of our national health by the value of the goods and services we produce (GDP or Gross Domestic Product).  And our addiction to materialism isn’t lost on our children.  How can it be, when from infancy they hear the words of our addiction (what do we have, what can we buy, what do the neighbors have that we don’t, etc., etc.).

When are we going to grow up?  “Things” are the fascination of an adolescent.  Adults should have moved on.  Mature humans know that we can’t do life alone, that we need each other.  They know the importance of family, extended family, community, friends.  That is wisdom.  But sadly modern humans have de-matured so that they no longer graduate to wisdom.  Instead they obsess over having young bodies, obsess over sex, obsess over buying and possessions – these are normal for adolescents, but not for adults.

We can do better.  Together, we can turn humanity from its current destructive and deadly behavior, toward living in wisdom, tolerance, understanding, and peace.  JOIN US.

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