There are 10 million species of life currently alive on Earth.  Every one of them lives 100% true to its species.  Every one of them lives 100% in harmony with the niche it fills.

Except one.  Humans, a grand experiment in intellectual brilliance, lives neither in harmony with our design, nor with our niche, nor in concert with Earth and the rest of life on it.  So intelligent, yet we don’t even know who or what we are – what IS our human design? What niche ARE we created for?

We are separated, no longer whole. We are lost. Our wars and politics and murder, rape and suicide and violence and terrorism and ethnic cleansing and genital mutilation, are symptoms not of a healthy species, but of a sick one.  Although our childish, deluded minds fashion us as quasi-gods, actually we are more a blight, pestilence, plague, virus, cancer, a negative rather than positive influence on the awesome, fragile balance of life on Earth.

As with any species out of balance, Mother Nature quickly (by Her timeclock) restores it.  She is currently doing that.  We homo sapiens sapiens will be replaced by the next human species, one that initially looks like us but lives in harmony with Earth, the rest of life on it, and with each other, instead of what we are currently doing – killing, ravaging, destroying.

What is our human purpose, our niche? What good is all our intelligence if we don’t even know who we are, what we stand for, why we’re here?


Here is the purpose of humans:

  • To nurture and protect Earth and life on it
  • To take life, in its best aspect, to the planets and stars

This is our purpose.  You read it here first.  You won’t find this information anywhere else.  You might ask “How do we know that this is our true purpose?”  The answer is that, of all living species, we are the only one with the ability to carry out this purpose.  Moreover, we have the heart, the passion for this purpose.  Even children have a love for nature, for animals and all living things.

Did you know that humans have a creed?  A higher, moral goal to aspire to?  Something bigger than our petty, individual needs and wants?  This creed is so universal that it appears in one form or another in virtually every human culture and religion on Earth.  What is that creed?


The Golden Rule:  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  Treat others like you would want to be treated.  Not just other humans but ALL life, and also the Earth which gave us life in the first place.

We need to return to our purpose instead of hating, killing, destroying.  We need to make it our life’s work to find common ground with the rest of humans and all other of Earth’s life forms.  Imagine what the world would look like if we did that.  Imagine living in safety, without fear of war, killing, destruction.  Imagine communities in every corner of the planet, living each in their own individual way, solving their own problems, finding ways to co-exist with neighboring communities, coming together to restore peace wherever humans try to destroy it.

If this sounds good to you, then JOIN US.  We will do together with none of us can do alone.

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