A World at Peace

With all the turmoil in the world, would you like to see the world at peace?  Do you believe it is possible?

I can assure you that it is.  We humans have the knowledge and power to choose peace.  Or we can continue to be addicted to greed, national power, and material wealth, which requires that we continually stir the fires of envy, prejudice, and hate.  The result is the war, murders, and terrorism that dominate the world’s newsfeeds.

Happy, healthy, prosperous, safe human beings live in groups, communities.  Governments and nations, in their quest for wealth and power, have the unintended consequence of breaking down these natural groups.  So to preserve our quality of human life, we must insist on re-claiming our power, our passion, our very lives.

Are governments, politicians, rich and powerful corporations going to help us do this?  Of course not.  They thrive on the power and money and decisions and choices that we have given up.  As they get richer and more powerful, we lose more and more of our freedom, passion, and purpose.  The only way to get this passion back is for us to unite.  If we do, there is no power on Earth that can deny us.  Conversely, if we keep going in the direction we are headed, the global chaos that dominates our media will keep getting worse.

How did this happen?  How could we, the self-appointed “intelligent” species, at the top of the food chain (according to our humble opinion), be flawed while the rest of life on Earth lives in 100% harmony with their design?  This is an important question – if we don’t know what happened, what is wrong, the root cause … we will never be able to live naturally, happily, in peace.

Our problems started with the Age of Self – the moment in history when humans became self-aware.  When you become addicted to ‘self,’ you look for any way to sweep your family and community issues under the rug so that you can pursue your favorite pastime – your ‘self!’

Enter government.  Government is a monument to the addiction of self.  It promises to ‘fix’ all the problems that we don’t want to bother with – our elderly relatives, the education of our children, our health and healthcare, our safety.

But what’s the result?  The elderly suffer; human children commit suicide (suicide is the 2nd biggest killer of youth in the United States); western health (once the best in the world) has deteriorated (here in the U.S. kids today will live shorter lives than their parents – by as much as five years!  If you don’t believe that, check it out).

Who’s going to change this?  Is it another bureaucrat or politician?  A different political party?  God?  Of those 3, only God offers sufficient power to effect this magnitude of change.  But that doesn’t let you and me off the hook, because God speaks through people.  God will do for us what we can’t do for ourselves, but He expects US to do what we CAN do for ourselves.  Are you one of the courageous warriors or warrioresses that is willing to stand up, speak out, go the extra mile for the hope of an infinitely better life?  I believe you are.

Join us – we want you, your ideas, your concerns and input.

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