Are we really that stupid?  Sadly, the answer is ‘yes.’  Did you know that we in the U.S. are engaged in the GREATEST TRANSFER OF WEALTH IN HUMAN HISTORY?  Yes, your and my hard-earned money is POURING out of our country by the billions, going to China, the Middle East, etc.  We’ve given billions to Iran, who avowedly hates us and revels in our destruction.  Billions go to China for cheap goods, bringing prosperity to the Chinese while American workers aren’t working!

It may seem like America’s supply of money is inexhaustible (and when even that isn’t enough, we simply print more), but a FOOL AND HIS MONEY always have a day of reckoning.  That is coming soon for Americans.  Wave your little Chinese-made American  flag all you want, cite your trite phrases (America the beautiful; one nation under God; etc.).  Keep kidding yourself.  Reality is about to kick you in the ass.

As we slowly return to business-as-usual in the wake of the Covid-19 Pandemic, we cannot sweep our economic state (or any other problem) under the rug.  We have been spending more than we take in for years, resulting in you and I currently being in debt to the tune of $26 trillion dollars (the actual figure may be much higher).

In our personal lives, if we over-extend ourselves financially, we are finally forced to either do the hard work of paying those we owe, or declaring bankruptcy.  But our government has no such brake-pedal.  Sadly (for us), our government and politicians get rewarded and re-elected when they run us further and further in debt with programs that promise (but rarely deliver) to make our lives better.  The politician that proposes to balance our budget probably won’t get elected.  Us Americans, and especially the younger segment, basically believes that we are so wealthy that millions and billions of free dollars are available to be spent for … our out-of-control wants.

Many economists have warned us of this dangerous compulsive overspending, but they have been ignored.  We love our ‘free lunch.’  But chickens always come home to roost, and if we don’t reign in our reckless and dysfunction spending habits, confidence in the U.S. dollar will decline (and in fact already is).  That confidence factor has a cascade effect – when confidence has waned to a certain point, a cascade situation could erode global confidence and the dollar (along with the rest of our huge economy) could take a quick nosedive.  The results of that would be devastating.

We can’t just sit around and wait for it to get to that point (as it surely will).  We need to take action, to show that Americans are dedicated to keeping the dollar strong.  A first step is to graduate to a balanced budget.  If we take in X amount of money, we limit our spending to that amount.

I have proposed in several of my books and blogs that there are ways of boosting the productivity of U.S. businesses.  That increase in productivity results in higher sales and profits.  Higher profits lead to higher amounts of revenue (taxes), which can be applied to our national debt.  But none of this will happen unless we, you and I, in wisdom and maturity, demand it.

You might be saying “With the pandemic and our various social issues, this is no time to be tightening our belts and reducing our debt.”  But what you are really saying and choosing is to keep running us further and further into debt, a debt which we can ignore, but which our children and grandchildren will be saddled with.  Are we content to pass this massive debt down to our offspring?  I’m not.  If you likewise have economic concerns, JOIN US.

And speaking of economic concerns … if you are able, support our cause.  Your donation will help create a miracle, and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you were part of a viral global grassroots movement to turn humanity back toward peace, back toward living like we were designed to live.  What greater thing could any of us do?

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