You might be wondering “Why do we need a vision?  The rest of life doesn’t have one, and they do fine.”  Yes that’s true, but the rest of life lives in 100% harmony with their design, filling a vital niche in the continuing saga of life on Earth.  Humans, on the other hand:

  • Have lost their way
  • Have no idea who they are
  • Have no idea where they fit (their niche)
  • Have no idea what the profile of a happy, healthy human even looks like
  • Universally know they are behaving in multiple ways that are unsustainable (meaning we can’t continue to do them), but have NO idea of what the “better way” is

It wasn’t always that way.  We used to live in harmony with Earth and the rest of life on it, to live in the moment, to be part of the glorious, magical organism that is Earth and life on it.  But we became self-aware – life lived in the moment was replaced by “Mr. Brain,” whose 2 motivations are fear and greed; who can live his (her) lifetime in fear, stress, worry; who is always ‘thinking’ – thinking in the past and the future, while the present (which is the only reality, the only place where 100% life is lived)  is missed.  No wonder we are frustrated, anxious, addicted to shiny things (things we can touch like money and titles, cars and sex, power and authority).  Though our human ancestors have been walking the Earth for 3-5 million years, when we became self-aware (approx. 30,000 years ago) was when we began to detour from living naturally, in the moment, in harmony with the rest of life.

If you are not put off by reference to the Bible, the advent of self-awareness was the moment when Adam and Eve ate from the fruit of the tree of knowledge and were banished from the Garden of Eden.  They said to God “We’ll just taste this apple and know what you know, then we won’t need you any more.”  If Christian references turn you off, then just think of it this way:  When we became self-aware, entered the modern Era of Self, that is when we began to veer from the path of our natural design.  That event of self-awareness is the root cause of ALL in modern global human problems we face today.  We are living a lose-lose scenario.  Would you like to be part of a global grassroots movement to turn the direction of humanity to win-win?

Most of us 7 billion humans know we have these problems. But what we don’t know is … what is the better way?  Let’s see if we can paint a picture of what free, natural, happy and healthy humans look like:

  • How do happy, healthy humans live? In groups, communities, villages, tribes, eyeball to eyeball, face to face, everyone known, everyone needed.  The hierarchy in these communities is kept in check because the elders have to live with, to face, to be accountable to the other members of their community (as compared to the one-size-fits-all style of central governments, who have NO IDEA of who you and I are or of what our particular community needs).
  • What is our niche? Humans’ function (purpose, niche) in the cycle of life on Earth is:
    1. To be a servant to, take care of, nurture Earth and the rest of life on it
    2. To take life, in its BEST aspect, to the planets and stars
  • What is our creed?
    1. The Golden Rule – Do unto others …
    2. The Hippocratic Oath – Do no harm
    3. The Prime Directive – Never interfere with the growth and progress of another

“United we stand, divided we fall;” “No man (or woman) is an island;” “We do together what we cannot do alone.”

We humans are currently divided.  We lack a common higher purpose or vision.  And a people who lose their vision, perish.  We had a purpose The Golden Rule – which appears in some form in virtually every culture and religion on Earth.  But we no longer live it.  Divided people are impotent, powerless, and susceptible to manipulation by anyone with a little power and money.  But united people are powerful, God-powerful, easily able to move mountains when they are united in a cause that they are passionate about.

We propose to unite people globally around just such a cause.  You say “You’ll never get people globally to unite, come together, compromise for peace, agree.  We don’t believe that is true.  But what IS true, is that no person or politician or religious figure can create and dictate our Vision or Cause.  The only Vision that humans will embrace is a Vision that WE create.  Therefore, the path away from ‘self’ and back to living in accordance with our very design, begins with us, you and I, creating OUR VISION, for the life WE want.

Join our cause, and help us regain our vision and return to peace!

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