here are about 10 million current living species of life on Earth – only 1 can put men and women on the moon, or perform complicated and life-saving surgeries.  So without taking away anything from what man can accomplish, here’s a question:  What if the astronaut back from the moon, or the brilliant surgeon, can’t sustain a marriage or relationship, and maybe has kids on drugs, because they are socially inept, emotionally dysfunctional, childishly immature, ego-driven, arrogant?  Do we excuse all the pain and anguish that causes in innocent lives because of their “accomplishments?”

My mind is as good as the next guy’s (or gal’s), but I don’t always get good input from my mind.  I have a much better chance if I run my ideas by someone else, and then listen when they give feedback.  One of the problems with my thinking applied to my life, is that a lot of my thinking is an attempt to overcome fear.  So, for instance, I need to go to the gym and get a hair transplant and buy a penis pump because I’m afraid you’ll find out that I’m afraid – afraid that I won’t perform to your standards, or that you will see that I am vulnerable and … human.  And by the way, the “your standards” mentioned above are not your standards at all.  They are my faulty comparison of my internal “raw meat” compared to your polished, attractive, presentable exterior.  Left completely out of the equation is the fact that you have your fears and insecurities too, carefully hidden, just like mine.

Thinking, facts, rationalism, data – these are fine when building a house or balancing your checkbook, but they are of limited value in the deep affairs of our lives.  Governments are a monument to rational thought.  Their laws and rules, the money and power they take from us and use against us, the predictable oppression of the very people they are supposed to be serving, has brought our species to a place where, if we don’t change course, we are going to become extinct.  But, worse, on the road to that point our lives are going to become unbearable.  For some, that day has already arrived – for the rest of us, it’s a matter of months or years.

We lived peaceful, 100% lives for almost 3 million years.  We began giving away our peace, our freedom, our passion, some 20-40,000 years ago.  The event was the dawn of our self-awareness, which placed an impossible burden on our hunter-gatherer relatives and drove them to the brink of insanity.  To survive, they succumbed to a familiar promise (to be “taken care of”), to be safe and prosperous and have an easy life, if they just gave up a few things.  Well, those choices have led directly to the modern life we have today.

We’ve tried the “we can be taken care of” experiment.  If it’s not working for us today, we can change.  We can return to peace, which means living in harmony with our natural human design.  Go to our website – get involved.  No cost or obligation.  It will change your life.

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